Autism is characterized by the nervous system and psyche disorder. There are several options for the course of this pathology.

Early childhood autism, symptoms and signs which appear in the first years of a child’s life.

  • Asperger’s Syndrome – can occur at any age.
  • Atypical autism, symptoms similar to the early form and Asperger’s syndrome.

Early childhood autism is a deviation in the development of the child’s intelligence, impaired ability to speak. It is course can mild, medium and severe.

Childhood autism: its causes

The exact etiological factor in the occurrence of pathology was not found. It is believed that heredity plays an important role. A young child with symptoms of autism usually has relatives with a similar disorder.

Immune mechanisms play a role in the development of autism. If the mother had a pathology during pregnancy or difficult labor, the risk of early autism increases.

It may be possible to identify the exact cause of childhood autism in future.

Symptoms of Early Childhood Autism

The clinic and degree of manifestation of a certain symptom are different in each case of the disease. General features of the pathology – emotional poverty, speech disorders, mental retardation.

An autistic child lives in his/her own reality, trying to limit the impact of the outside world on it. The symptom of autism at 1.5 years is that the baby is silent. He/she may not say a word, it seems to the parents that the baby does not hear. The kid can repeat the same syllable or word.

At an older age, children try to be alone, occupying themselves with some simple matter. They avoid someone else’s eyes, they themselves do not look into the eyes of another person.

Intellectual activity is reduced in general, but certain subjects or tasks are well performed by an autistic person, such as arithmetic or chess.

Lack of eye contact with the interlocutor is a characteristic symptom for childhood autism at 2 years old and older. A child tries to take one and the same posture while doing something. Poor facial expression, the child likes to spend time alone. These children are not much interested in what is interesting to their peers.

They often focus their attention on a part, not on the subject as a whole.  They are not interested in toys, group games. When an autistic child matures, his/her hobbies can take the form of mania. For example, he/she may be addicted to video games.

Signs of autism in babies – lack of emotional connection with the mother.

The kid does not express emotions – he/she does not laugh, babble, cry. Only with a strong irritant, the child becomes hysterical.

Mardaleishvili Clinic in Tbilisi can help children starting from the age of three years old in case of availability of cord blood and from four years old without stored cord blood. In this case, the transplantation is carried out with own stem cells from the bone marrow. The unique technology of autism correction with its own stem cells is safe, effective.

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