Autism is a brain formation disorder that affects thinking, perception, attention, social skills, and human behavior.

Because of the breadth of the clinical picture, a group of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) is distinguished. These include: childhood autism, Rett syndrome, Asperger syndrome, atypical autism.

The reasons for the development of autism spectrum disorders remain unclear.

There are certain factors that increase the likelihood of having a child with pathology:

  • Age of parents;
  • Genetic features;
  • Diseases during pregnancy.

When does autism occur?

Differences in the child’s behavior can be noticed quite early. Most often, a visit to the doctor occurs in 2.5 – 3 years. By this age, the symptoms are increasing, and parents turn to a specialist. However, major disorders will be noticeable earlier: the earlier the diagnosis was established, the easier it is to arrange treatment.

How to identify a child with autism?

Autism is characterized by delayed development and lack of interest in communicating with children and adults. The disorder concerns many areas: motor skills, speech, concentration and attention, perception of the surrounding world and people.

General signs of autism:

  • The child is not interested in people, he/she does not want to communicate, as if no one is around;
  • He/she performs the same stereotypical actions: shakes hands, shakes head, jumps, claps.
  • Actions do not carry semantic and functional load;
  • Everything new is perceived with difficulty, therefore a narrow circle of interests is formed;
  • A child’s behavior can be destructive, including towards him/herself;
  • The child reacts aggressively, can scream, cause damage to him/herself.

Is it possible to notice signs of autism as early as possible?

Of course. From the first days of life attention should be paid to the development of the child, his/her reaction to other people, parents, and the world around.

There are norms of development by which one can track the development of skills in a child and to react in time. Of course, each baby is special and develops at a comfortable pace. If the child as a whole successfully masters the skills and timely passes the necessary stages of development, most likely, you have nothing to worry about.

When there is a delay in development, it is important to consult a doctor in time.

If diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe therapy. The sooner you start to be involved in the child’s condition, the easier it will be to adapt him/her to the community.

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