Asperger’s syndrome refers to autism spectrum disorders. It is characterized by the difficulties faced by a child in society, mental development disorder.

The disease may have different severity: mild, severe.

Signs of Asperger’s Syndrome in Children

A child with this pathology disrupts interaction with society. Asperger’s Syndrome in Children manifests in speech disorders. The voice sounds loud and low. The child does not know how to gesticulate, has a poor range of facial expression. Children are often alone. They find it difficult to make friends, they often feel aggrieved.

Unlike autists, a child with this syndrome wants to be friends with other guys. He/she can communicate with other people if they adapt to him/her. A kid with Asperger’s Syndrome is hard to play as a team.

These children do not develop facial expressions, they can look at one point for a long time, often they have a detached facial expression.

Children with this syndrome are partially absorbed by their own reality, sometimes they get out of it. There are stereotypes – repetition of one kind of activity. They can think outside the box, but they can poorly concentrate attention.

Motor disturbances are often expressed: clumsiness, angularity, stereotypes are observed in movements.

This syndrome differs from autism by well-developed intelligence. There are practically no cognitive and speech disorders.

Asperger’s syndrome: treatment in children

Treatment of this disease requires an individual approach to each baby. Pathology is treated with a complex of various techniques.

Drugs are prescribed – psychotropic drugs: antipsychotics, antidepressants. Psychotherapist treatment, social skills training, classes with a speech therapist, therapeutic exercises.

The child will be adapted in society, with due attention, to work. It all depends on the training, from a very young age. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome can be trained in educational institutions. If correct treatment is provided, the child acquires social skills.

Mardaleishvili Clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of this pathology. It is located in Tbilisi. Doctors of the clinic apply a unique method of cell therapy.

After the transplantation of own cord blood or bone marrow stem cells in our clinic, the positive effect is noticeable immediately, speech disorders are corrected, the child becomes sociable, shows interest in games.

Prices in the clinic are much lower than in the USA.

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