Our clinic is located in Tbilisi. Transfer to Georgia is carried out independently by patients. The average stay in Tbilisi for the period of treatment is 4-5 days.

Step 1. To arrange a visit to the medical center, it is necessary to prepare documents, send a request to the clinic.

Step 2. The clinic staff will agree with you on the exact date of arrival. Georgia is a visa-free country for citizens of most countries.

Step 3. It is better to take care of the transfer in advance. You can get to Georgia, depending on your country of residence, by a convenient way for you – by car, bus or plane.

The most convenient way to get to Tbilisi is by plane. From major cities there are direct flights to the capital of Georgia. By the time – this is the most economical way.

Step 4. The clinic staff can help you to book a hotel in Tbilisi or you can do it yourself through one of the intermediary websites, for example, Mardaleishvili Center is located near Lisi Lake. If you need a room in a large hotel, the nearest to us is Lisi Hills Hotel 4*. You can also rent a private apartment.

Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel is carried out by the staff of the clinic. You are greeted with a nameplate. At arrival, you are provided with a paid local SIM card and PECS cards for the child.

On the days of visiting the medical center, transfer and escort is provided by the English-speaking staff of the clinic.

We are waiting for you in sunny Georgia!