Autism and autism spectrum disorders are displayed in the existing ICD version 10.

The place of autism in the International Classification is presented in paragraph F84.

Childhood autism classification by ICD

Item F84.0 in the classification is called childhood autism. Criteria for the diagnosis:

  • Inability to express emotions, show an adequate response to the people around them.
  • Speech disorders, lack of gestures.
  • Nonspecific pathologies: presence of phobias, sleep and food intake disorders.
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Lack of initiative, creative approach to the implementation of tasks.
  • Clinical manifestations vary with age.

The disease is characterized by the presence of a stereotypical type of activity, behavior, constant repetition of actions.

Mental development disorders appear in the first three years of life, but the diagnosis of the syndrome may happen later. More often, autism affects the male gender.

Cause of the disease: organic brain damage or other factors.

This classification includes: autistic disorder, infantile autism, infantile psychosis, Kanner’s syndrome.

Sub-paragraph F84.1 denotes an atypical form of autism. It happens with mental retardation, or without it.

Separately, Rett syndrome stands out – it refers to autism spectrum disorders. More often girls are affected.  Clinical manifestations begin at the age of 7 months. Before that, the child develops within the normal range. Then the brain develops behind the rest of the body, hands and speech are impaired. They chew food badly, suffer from shortness of breath.

In adulthood, women develop ataxia, apraxia, scoliosis, and sometimes epileptic seizures. The disease ends with a disability.

Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder. The disease is a milder version of autism. The patient preserves the intellect and speech. With proper and competent treatment, it is possible to adapt the patient to a normal life, he/she can start a family. The syndrome is more commonly diagnosed in males.

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