Stem cells are the precursors of blood cells, they are located in the placenta and umbilical cord. Until recently, they were disposed, but now it is possible to preserve these cells, and, if necessary, to use them.

It is possible to collect cells from umbilical cord blood only once in a lifetime: immediately after birth!

Cord blood collection procedure

Manipulation is not dangerous for the mother and child. Blood is taken after delivery. The collection of biological fluid is possible after delivery through natural pathways or operations.

The procedure is performed by an obstetrician who owns this technique.

In order to properly perform blood sampling, there is a special set of tools, a container and a tank for transportation should be prepared.

After taking the biomaterial, it goes to cord blood storage bank. Future parents sign a contract in advance with a cryobank, where the baby’s stem cells will be stored later. In the bank, the liquid component and stem cells are separated from the blood. They are placed in a container for freezing, gradually cooled with a special device.

Storage capacity can be selected: this is a bag or tube. Usually several portions of cellular material are stored. Cryoprotectant is added to a container with cells. It prevents the death of progenitor cells during freezing.

All containers are carefully labeled, entered into the database. Cord blood residues are sent for research. Analyzes are conducted to exclude infection.

Then cryogenic stem cell storage is performed.

Stem cell banks

This is an institution that carries out procedures for the preparation and storage of stem cells. Before delivery, you should conclude a contract with them.

There is also a bank in Tbilisi, this is a Department at the Medical Center of Konstantin Mardaleishvili.

Cell Therapy Department in the Mardaleishvili Сlinic

The center is a world-class medical facility. The clinic is constantly performing research, development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors.

There is a department of cell therapy in which LAK-therapy is performed. Individual dendritic vaccines are performed, which are recognized as one of the progressive techniques in the treatment of different pathologies including cancer. Studies are being conducted to treat blood cancer diseases and other pathologies, using pre-collected stem cells.

Medical technologies used at the center do not stand still, they are constantly developing.
Doctors annually undergo internships with the best specialists in the USA and Europe.
The department has successfully applied methods for correcting autism in children with their own cord blood or bone marrow stem cells.

Method of correction of childhood autism was developed in the USA by Dr. Michael Chez, Institute of Pediatric Neurology, California. This method is successfully applied in our center. The method allows us to achieve a significant regression of the disease.

This is the most effective treatment of autism known.

Cord blood collection and storage cost

Cells are used in traumatology for recovery from fractures, and for burns – they help in the regeneration of the skin.

Stem cells have been used for heart disease – they are used in the treatment of myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease. In neurology, the use of progenitor cells in stroke, spinal cord damage is being actively introduced; as well as in case of autoimmune diseases.

The cells can be stored frozen for an unlimited time.

Almost all areas of medicine are beginning to introduce cellular techniques.
Therefore, storage of umbilical cord blood with progenitor cells is a useful and necessary procedure that will help us in the treatment of many diseases.

Where to store stem cells?

The cost of collecting and storing cord blood in Georgia is significantly lower than in Europe or Russia. It is profitable and reliable.
The containers are kept at a constant temperature, they are protected from defrosting. The center has its own generators and a multistage level of protection.

When is cord blood sampling necessary?

If the child is healthy, the development of serious illnesses is unlikely.
But there are situations when it is necessary to perform cord blood collection:

  • when malformations are diagnosed during pregnancy;
  • in case of circulatory disorders in family anamnesis;
  • if older children have blood disorders;
  • in case of pregnancy through IVF assisted reproductive technology;

Stem cells are a reliable foundation for the future health of the child. Progress in the field of medicine is obvious. Every year, those diseases that were previously incurable are treated.


Make the right choice – do not forget to donate cord blood to the bank.

Rest assured: the baby will thank you!