The medical center has been operating since 1995.  At first, the clinic specialized only in oncological diseases. Gradually, new areas of work appeared and other departments opened.

Now there is a separate Clinic of Nervous Disorders. Here, special attention is paid to various pathologies, children with autism.

Doctors are constantly trained, undergo internships in the best clinics in the USA and Europe: in Germany, Sweden, Italy, France. Therefore, methods of diagnostics, treatment of diseases do not stand still, new technologies are constantly being introduced, which allow the specialists to treat even the most complex cases.

Many of the doctors not only improve their qualifications and periodically undergo training, they are engaged in scientific work, and have scientific degrees. The specialists of the clinic are active people who prefer the continuous development and improvement of their skills.

The medical center constantly introduces new modern types of therapy. In this regard, the clinic does not lag behind the leading hospitals in the USA and Europe.

The medical center has its own blood bank for stem cells sampling and storage.  These cells are actively used and introduced into various areas of medicine. Therefore, parents can take care of the child’s future by retaining cord blood stem cells.

In the clinic, stem cells are used in the pathology of the circulatory system, autism, cardiovascular diseases, trauma, and burns. The use of stem cells is a promising solution.

The work of the medical center n.a. Mardaleishvili does not stand still.

Doctors are trying to help people with the most difficult and severe diagnoses. Every year, people from all over the world apply to the clinic for treatment.

We are waiting for you in Georgia!