Autism is a series of serious deviations in the mental development of a child. One of its reasons – brain disorder. Based on the strange behavior of the baby, parents may be suspicious: something is wrong with him/her. There are a few tests to determine autism.

M-CHAT-R test

It is an early autism test. It helps to determine the risk of developing this condition in children under one year, as well as from 16 to 30 months of age. Parents need to answer 20 simple questions. Answers to them will not take much time.

ATEС test

Autism dynamics test. Designed for children from 1.5 years and older. Extended testing not only reveals problems, but also helps to monitor the further development of the baby. The test consists of 77 questions divided into different areas of communication skills. This is the development of speech, adaptation of the child to social conditions, ability to learn.

CARS test

Autism test in children of 3,4, 6 years old. Special scale, consisting of 15 areas. Each area in it is divided by another 4 items, and an item corresponds to a score. For example, if parents choose answer No. 1, it will be 1 score. To calculate the total result, you need a total amount consisting of estimates for all 15 areas.

Complete the test for autism in a child – does not mean to give him/her a final diagnosis. After testing, parents definitely need to contact a child psychiatrist.

The doctor will confirm the diagnosis or exclude it – on the basis of an objective and clinical examination.