Autism manifests itself up to three years old. There are cases when it seems that the child is developing normally and does not differ from other children. Later signs of pathology appear.

When an autism clinic occurs in children over 3 years old, this indicates an atypical form of the disease.

Symptoms of pathology

Signs of atypical autism in children differ from those in early childhood disease. Usually, the child does not make contact with other people at all, he/she does not need it. With atypical autism, the baby is trying to communicate, but it is difficult for him/her to build up this process.

He/she does not understand how to properly contact with others.

More often, this form of the disease is not accompanied by mental retardation. Kids have a well-developed intellect, but it is difficult for them to use it in their activities.

This is due to other symptoms:

  • small vocabulary;
  • failure to express emotions properly;
  • do not understand the feelings of other people;
  • are irritable.
  • have no imagination.

Such children go to contact with other people reluctantly, they like to perform stereotypical activities, spend time alone.

Sometimes there is a form of autism with mental retardation. It is difficult to diagnose this symptom, since tests are used for the verification. Not always an autist can show and perform what he/she knows and can. Moreover, he/she has difficulty expressing emotions, thoughts, he/she has a small vocabulary.

Children with atypical autism seem simply naughty. They do not react to appeals to them, do not look in the eyes of the interlocutor, are emotionally cold. They behave strangely.


Childhood atypical autism is corrected by several methods at once. If the child has mental retardation, asocial behavior, psychotropic drugs are prescribed. They are selected individually by a doctor.

Psychotherapy is required for socialization and learning various skills. Individual and collective methods are applied.

Autism is amenable to stem cell correction, this method has a good effect.

In Georgia, in the Mardaleishvili Сlinic, there are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of autism. They are constantly undergoing internships in US clinics.

When applying to our medical center, the child is undergoing a comprehensive examination and treatment.

The clinic does not stand still, it is constantly developing, new technologies are being introduced to correct autism. After transplantation of its own stem cells, speech, skills, and learning are improved.

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