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Treatment of autism with yoga


Most children with autism have a sensory perception disorder; they do not have developed tactile sensations, which makes it difficult for them to analyse the environment and explore the world by touching various objects, as other children do.

It is believed that yoga can improve the depth of sensory perception, develop a sense of self in space, and also promote the development of gross motor skills, the ability to change various activities, and increase self-esteem. The ability to socially interact develops through communication with other children.

Parents report that treating autism with yoga has helped their children become more balanced, relaxed, and independent. It is important to note that after yoga therapy sessions, the child retains the skill of mastering their body, which can be improved independently or together with parents.

Methodology of yoga therapy for special children

It is based on traditional yoga principles that have been adapted to the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Exercises may include working with:

  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Deep relaxation

But for special children, they are combined with:

  • Rhythm
  • Sound
  • Massage
  • Other sensory integration techniques

Technically, yoga for children with autism is a comprehensive work on the consciousness of the brain and the balanced functioning of body parts. This is how children learn to sense the boundaries of their bodies and the peculiarities of their interaction with the outside world.

Yoga for autism can be carried out in the format of individual and group classes. The body’s potential will be revealed in both cases. Particular attention is paid to the individual abilities of each child in order to help as much as possible.

The factual basis for the advantages of yoga

Many techniques used to treat autism spectrum disorder are undergoing scientific research, and yoga classes are no exception. At the moment, there are no convincing conclusions that yoga therapy for autism can make a significant contribution to the success of treating the pathology. Scientists note its positive impact on the psychological and physical condition of the patient. Other methods of conservative treatment have similar results. But they are not able to correct pathological changes in the brain, unlike the stem cell transplant procedure.

Why is cellular correction for childhood autism better than yoga? It has been proven that stem cells:

  • Restore brain structure
  • Help significantly enhance the therapeutic effect of developmental methods
  • Have a pronounced and long-lasting effect

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a European clinic with high-quality treatments and reasonable prices. The best treatment for ASD here is the stem cell therapy procedure, which every child can undergo because there are practically no contraindications to the transplantation procedure.

Treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder is the best alternative to yoga sessions.

Thousands of patients from all over the world who have undergone cell therapy are now in good health and are developing as well as their peers. This treatment helped them to socialise, acquire the necessary skills for life, strengthen their immunity, and minimise the symptoms of the pathology.

Choose a method of treating childhood autism with stem cells — your child also has a chance to live a full life!

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