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Weighted Pens and Pencils for Children with Autism


Every autistic child has problems with writing, which greatly complicates the learning process because of the loss of interest in this type of activity. Writing causes irritation and dissatisfaction. Special writing simulators for autistic people are necessary to overcome their aversion to learning. This conclusion was made by the American doctor–scientist Amy J. Bastian, who for many years studied how to adapt methods of writing to teach children with ASD.

What are weighted pens for autists, and how do they work?

These writing instruments are very similar to regular pens and pencils but have weight-bearing elements. With its help, a child can better feel the pen in their hand and be able to control it. These weighted pencils for autists train proprioception, the kinaesthetic ability to sense their own body in space and control it according to the situation.

Types of weighted pens for children with autism

Writing instruments designed specifically for autists can be purchased from many online stores or at education centres for children with special needs. Pens and pencils in a heavy case — metal, for example — are common. There are also models with removable weighted attachments or with an ergonomic grip that allow the child to hold the pen correctly.

Purpose of using weighted pencils for children with autism

Most parents are satisfied with the practise of using such writing implements for special children. They help not only teach a child to write but also make handwriting understandable, with all letters of the same size and the correct distance between them.

Simulators for autistic children will not harm their hand despite the weight and will be useful because of the additional weight. It will:

  • Reduce unnecessary movements
  • Train sensory feedback between the brain and the hand
  • Improve calligraphy

Emotional and physical benefits of sensory training for autists:

  1. Improving fine and gross motor skills
  2. Arm endurance training in preparation for school
  3. Facilitating the process of completing complex writing activities
  4. Rising confidence in one’s abilities and encouragement for new achievements
  5. Normalisation of emotional states and reduction of irritability
  6. Instilling positive impressions of the learning process

Of course, special devices for autists do not solve all the difficulties of learning but greatly simplify them. It is also important to remember that modern medicine has new advances that contribute to the effective treatment of pathology.

Cellular treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder is an innovative technique that can not only improve writing skills but also solve the problem of autism progression.

Nowadays, stem cell correction for childhood autism is the most recommended procedure for the treatment of ASD. Other methods are aimed at combating symptoms, but this one allows for the elimination of the root cause of the disease — genetic abnormalities in the brain. This modern treatment of childhood autism has many advantages and positive effects that are not typical for other methods of correcting ASD.

Contact the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre — cell therapy allows for the development of all the skills of an autistic child!

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