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Visual therapy for autism in combination with stem cell transplantation: main advantages and differences

The main symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are speech dysfunction, asocial interaction, and stereotypic behaviour. Visual therapy partially helps combat these manifestations of pathology.

Visual therapy for ASD

Visual support or therapy is a method of ASD correction that uses various images or graphic objects to provide specific information that a child can hardly perceive. It facilitates the process of communication with parents and other people and suppresses anxiety that arises in an unusual situation or after changes in the familiar daily routine.

Visual therapy methods for ASD

Board “Now-Then”

This is a visual sequence of actions, consisting of two pictures. They report that a pleasant event will occur or that the child will receive a reward after fulfilling some unpleasant task.

This method of informing teaches a child the sequence of actions or explains that each action has its own result. For example, hands after washing are clean and smell good. Then the child learns to adopt new skills step by step.

A visual schedule for autism

This is a more complex method, which is a visual timetable of events that will happen in the future or throughout the day.

This method is useful when it’s necessary to instill in a child self-care skills and organize their day and life in the future. A visual schedule has several sequential actions depicted in the form of images. Consecutive fulfilment of each one ensures that a child will achieve certain results at the end of the day. It is very useful if a child has increased anxiety and feels uncomfortable because they do not know what will happen soon or what to do.

Visual rules and instructions

Descriptive graphical illustration of certain rules and instructions. These illustrations are necessary to teach a child how to behave in a certain situation. For example, the time spent using a computer can be regulated by pictures on the monitor, indicating a ban or permission for use. If you want to teach the regimen of use of certain things or products — for example, sweets or juice — hang on the refrigerator the number of pictures with this product, indicating how many times it can be eaten, and put one picture away each time as soon as you give this product to the child.

Visual support for autism is important because it:

  • Teaches a child the sequence of actions
  • Helps a child understand new information
  • Reduces anxiety

Cell therapy is better and more effective because it:

  • Restores brain structure
  • Inhibits the pathogenesis of the disease
  • Enhances the therapeutic effect of other methods
  • Eliminates many symptoms
  • Promotes the independent, active development of a child

Treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder with stem cells

This is a promising direction in modern medicine, which has made it possible to obtain impressive results in the therapy of autism. Hundreds of thousands of patients around the world underwent this procedure. They used a chance to maximally restore their health and now lead a socially active, sound lifestyle. Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the best clinics for cell transplantation.

Sign up for the correction of childhood autism — effective treatment and a promising future await your child!

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