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Video modeling when dealing with autism


The method of video modeling involves the use of video lessons to explain necessary concepts to the autistic child.

The video can be:

  • Professional – prepared by specialists to work with autistic patients
  • Free-form – found on the Internet and filmed by other people who are not necessarily specialists
  • Self-produced – a video lesson prepared by parents specifically for their child that takes into account their child’s needs

The video storylines can be very diverse: how to play, count, fasten buttons, tie shoes, mold, build, make a sandwich, etc. The videos should be clear and simple for your child. The principle here is the same as in the selection of cards, didactic materials, and coloring books: bright, interesting, and easy.

The method of video modeling situations, concepts, and matter significantly simplifies the process of obtaining information about them, their fixation in long-term memory, and the learning process in general because new neural connections contribute to the future formation of others. With video support, the child learns faster and much more willingly!

Illustrative visual therapy plays an important role in autism. Autistic children are often diagnosed with auditory dysfunctions, and visual images in the form of videos can be an important learning aid. It is also worth remembering that they also have problems with the instinct of imitation. This causes difficulties in reproducing what they have heard and realized through their senses. It is much easier to reproduce information received visually. It can also be an effective visual–behavioral autism correction to socialize the child and teach acceptable behavioral norms.

Videoclip advantages:

  • Visibility
  • Regularity
  • Variety
  • Easy perception

Effectiveness of video modeling for autism

The modeling method is very effective and convenient for ASD. The same video can be used many times to repeat a particular skill. The result of learning can be seen immediately because imitation and modeling are natural human skills that do not require significant brain effort to learn this or that information. And you can teach anything with the help of video. The only disadvantage is that the method does not cure the disease’s pathology. To achieve more pronounced results, a specific therapeutic effect is required.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a Georgian clinic with a high ranking in the rating of the world’s best health care institutions, applying innovative methods of pathology treatment.

Stem cell correction for a child’s autism is an advanced brain repair technique to eliminate the cause of ASD development.

This technique is popular among both experienced specialists and parents of autistic children. The technology of stem cell transplantation is complex and requires a qualified specialist and appropriate equipment. The Mardaleishvili Centre has everything that is needed. The advantages of applying here for treatment of autism in children with stem cells include adequate prices, which are more affordable than in other countries. The clinic also has an international client relations department, which helps to solve any organizational issues related to coming for treatment.

Evaluate cellular treatment for your child’s autism spectrum disorder — let your child be healthy and successful!

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