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Vibration Therapy for Autism


Vibratory oscillations of the human body are a natural phenomenon that occur during various movements. The brain receives information from outside through these vibrations, using sensory receptors. Autism disrupts this process.

Accordingly, the brain incorrectly processes partially received information, and it hampers an autist’s ability to react normally in various situations and to control their own actions and body. Traditional medicine uses physiotherapy for autism — a set of various exercises aimed at improving coordination of the body and its communication with the brain. Vibration therapy is a modern direction of physiotherapeutic treatment.

The essence of the method is the initial relaxation of spastic muscles, followed by stimulation of the tone of weakened muscle groups. This approach ensures the correct development of genetically changed antagonist muscles that are responsible for movement disorders.

Vibration therapy for autism can eliminate the following dysfunctions:

  • Involuntary movements
  • Spastic disorders
  • Low joint mobility
  • Contractures
  • Loss of balance
  • Improper transmission of nerve signals
  • Low endurance and muscle strength
  • Low bone density

Features of vibration neurorehabilitation for autism

Treatment is carried out by a highly specialised doctor, a rehabilitation specialist for autistic people. The therapy uses equipment that transmits vibrations throughout the body to activate antagonist muscles. When these muscles are weakened, they suffer, as do the internal organs through which the fibres of the impaired muscles pass.

As a result of this treatment, blood circulation improves, the brain receives more oxygen, and the muscles begin to work fully. It shows that neurorehabilitation and vibration therapy are closely related, so the advice of specialists on how to affect mental disorders through physical treatment should not be neglected.

Stiff muscles relax during therapy, resulting in the restoration of the functionality of the peripheral and central nervous systems. Specifically, proprioceptors are restored, new neural connections form, sensory experience deepens, and the sense of touch improves.

Efficiency of vibration therapy for autism

The effectiveness of the method has been confirmed by many scientific studies conducted in different countries. Its regular use is good training for muscles, and it also strengthens the skeleton and improves the relationship between the brain and body movements. This is a tangible correction for many disorders that affect autistic people. Innovative medicine has a procedure that is many times more effective than vibration therapy in eliminating symptoms and directly treating the pathology.

Correction of childhood autism with stem cells in Georgia is the best method against ASD; it helps a child to live and develop at the same level as healthy peers.

Treatment of childhood autism with a patient’s own stem cells is a procedure that transplants the stem cells into the child’s body for deep restoration of the brain. There are currently no analogues for such a procedure. Other methods are aimed at the correction of symptoms, but cellular treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder has a direct therapeutic impact on the cause of the disease — genetic abnormalities of the brain.

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