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Tomatis method (sound therapy) for the treatment of autism: when can the method be truly effective?


Sound therapy for autism is one of the most effective and popular methods. Of course, it is impossible to call it a panacea since the method can only stop the manifestations of the disease to some extent but not cure it. At the same time, it has a positive effect on a child’s socialization and communication with the outside world.

The principle of the Tomatis method for autism

The correction of autism with sound therapy is the stimulation of auditory perception, or neurosensory auditory stimulation. Influence on the hearing activates brain activity. Tomatis therapy itself is a set of exercises and auditory training for the part of the brain that processes auditory information.

This method harmonises bone and air conduction, improves the process of sound differentiation, and deepens the skill of responding to various audio stimuli that enhance speech.

How Tomatis autism therapy works on a physical level

The auricle is considered to be the ‘entrance door’ to the nervous system. Sounds of different frequencies and pitches affect specific parts of the ear. The ear sections are connected to each other by nerve endings, and their training harmonises the functions of the hearing aid while having a positive effect on both the nervous system and the brain, where neural connections are created through learning to distinguish between different sounds. This happens because unusual sounds ‘surprise’ the brain, and this encourages it to work more actively.

Results of Tomatis therapy for autism:

  • Development of subject and cognitive activity
  • Stimulation of verbal skills
  • Improved spatial orientation
  • Deepening attention and memory
  • Activation of creativity
  • Stabilisation of the emotional sphere
  • Increased interest in the surrounding world
  • Social adaptation

The phobia of tactile contact also decreases after sound treatment sessions for autism, and the child learns to establish stable visual contact.

The effectiveness of the Tomatis method for autistic people

Sound therapy is a real chance to awaken talents, arouse interest in something new, and reduce the pain and fear that a child feels all the time. But the method is not independent; it can only be applied with other types of therapy in order to obtain at least some stable result. Its efficiency especially increases with the use of experimental new methods.

Sound therapy has a positive effect on the brain, but you can achieve a more pronounced therapeutic effect by contacting the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre.

Correction of childhood autism with stem cells: a new and effective method

Its effectiveness lies in its influence, which is the radical opposite of other procedures and methods. Traditional methods have an indirect effect on the brain through the correction of symptoms, but treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder with stem cells directly affects brain cells, which explains the high effectiveness of the method.

Undergo treatment for childhood autism with cell therapy — give the main impetus to the brain for self-recovery, and then other methods of treatment will have an excellent strengthening effect!

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