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Sensory integration for autism is an effective treatment through a child’s own senses


From birth, a child perceives the world around him with the help of his senses: touch, smell, vision, audition, and taste. This helps him accumulate the necessary knowledge about the world, systematise it, and use it in the future. Therefore, in later life a child’s experience and activity will be closely related to their sensory experience. Autistic children do not have this full experience because their sensory perception is impaired. Thus it is necessary to fully develop a child’s senses.

Sensory integration process in autism

Sensory integration is a kind of training for the brain, teaching how to correctly process signals coming from the senses and respond to them. For example, a healthy person can visually perceive a certain object; understand its purpose and scope of use; and have an understanding of its smell, taste, shape, and other properties.

An autistic child may not fully perceive this object. The principle of therapeutic sensory integration is the use of special equipment that trains visual, auditory, vestibular and kinaesthetic perception.

Corrective sensory integration for children with ASD is aimed at:

  • Formation of special conditions in the child’s familiar environment, which stimulates correct perception and productive interaction with certain objects or phenomena.
  • Polysensory development of children with the help of auditory, visual and tactile channels of information perception.

Sensory integration for children with autism

This method is a comprehensive program consisting of special exercises, events, games, and activities designed to fill a child’s sensory world with new images. With regular exercise, the brain learns to perceive new signals, process them, and use them in everyday life.

Advantages of sensory integration:

  • Comprehensive treatment with activation of all sensory skills
  • Recreation of close emotional contact with parents
  • Increased sense of independence
  • Improved general development
  • Expanded range of sensory sensations
  • Memory and attention training.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre performs innovative autism treatment using stem cells, which is much more effective than sensory integration alone.

Correction of childhood autism with stem cells is an alternative method of treating autism that has been used only relatively recently, but has already proven its effectiveness. Today, in classical medical practice, it is increasingly prescribed by doctors as a primary autism therapy, while all other traditional methods are supporting therapies.

Treatment of childhood autism with stem cells is:

  • Stable base for developmental procedures and physiotherapeutic activities
  • Real treatment of pathology through stimulating cellular changes in the brain
  • Substantial improvement of a child’s senses of socialisation and self-realisation
  • Safe and effective procedure confirmed by parents and patients.

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