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Selfie video modeling in the case of autism


Video modeling is a popular technique for teaching a child with autism. Professor Tom Buggy, an outstanding scientist, has perfected it and suggested taking selfie videos. Thanks to this method, the child can look at themselves from the outside and learn to imitate only the correct behavior. The method also helps in strengthening various skills.

Visual therapy is designed to help children with autism develop everyday life skills, social interaction, and basic pre-school and school curriculum. This is usually done through the use of short motivational videos developed by specialists.

But the problem with traditional visual support is that not all autistic people are able to imitate the actions of others. Professor Buggy concluded that when they repeat their own actions, learning happens more effectively.

How does selfie video modeling work with autism?

The child’s parent or teacher selects situations and stories and records them on video in order to make the information more accessible to the child. The child can act as the main actor. For this purpose, it is necessary to record only when the child shows the correct, desirable forms of behavior. By constantly observing themselves at their best, the pupils may try to imitate their own behavior.

In addition, the parent can record educational videos on different topics: how to clear the table, clean the room, read, behave during the day, how to sculpt, draw, take care of oneself, etc. Their image and voice are perceived positively by the child, so learning can take place in a relaxed atmosphere.

Benefits of video modeling selfies:

  • Individualized approach to the child
  • Simplicity, accessibility, and acceptability of new information presentations
  • The possibility of multiple repetitions
  • More motivation to imitate when the child looks at their best self

Effectiveness of video modeling selfies for children with ASD

Certainly, the method provides good results. It is one of the best approaches to the correction of undesirable behavior and the process of teaching a child. And it has a lot of advantages, as mentioned above. However, it is worth remembering that it has only an auxiliary didactic and pedagogical role that is in no way therapeutic. Unfortunately, video modeling cannot be used to cure a patient with ASD.

Treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is an innovative procedure that is popular in countries with developed medical systems. It is effective, safe, and natural for the child!

Society has long held the stereotype that autism cannot be cured — only the elimination of symptoms can help the patient in any way. However, cell therapy has made a real revolution in medicine because it eliminates the very cause of ASD development — pathological changes in the brain.

The correction of a child’s autism by stem cell transplantation is:

  1. Restoration of the brain structure
  2. Strengthening the effectiveness of various developmental procedures

That is why this treatment for a child’s autism is considered to be very promising and reliable. It is practiced in the best clinics around the world. It is more favorable for Europeans to undergo it in Georgia than in the USA, Germany, or Switzerland, for example.

Make an appointment for cellular correction at Mardaleishvili Medical Centre—make a double impact on the disease!

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