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The scenario method for developing the everyday skills of an autistic child


The process of teaching children with autism always poses difficulties because they have a special perception of the world and are not always able to fully perceive the information that is easily perceived by normally developing children. Therefore, therapists use non-standard approaches that have a greater chance of conveying vital information to the patient.

The scenario method is a variety of pre-planned games for developing the communication skills of children with autism, taking into account the individual health characteristics of the particular child and their skills.

Technology for developing the verbal communication skills of autistic people using the scenario method

It is necessary to initially analyse the child’s behaviour and needs before creating an effective scenario. This can be done in consultation with a therapist. In addition, it is recommended to invite a teaching assistant, if a child has such a specialist, who usually helps the child master the school curriculum.

Initially, it is necessary to compile a list of all gaps in the child’s behaviour and communication sphere. Then it is possible to select games to correct such gaps. Games and methods of influence depend on the age and level of the child’s development. These games need to be rewritten in an individual scenario and reproduced in life until the child fully masters a certain skill or communication unit.

For example, if you want to expand your child’s vocabulary and eliminate their fear of communicating with other people, do not force the child to communicate right away. Alternatively, place a favourite toy, cards with new words (if the child can read), or cards with images denoting new concepts in front of the child. Show them how to conduct a dialogue with a toy, using all the words from the cards, and help by constantly offering new situations. Over time, the cards should change to a new thematic set with new vocabulary.

What is good about the scenario method for developing everyday skills and communication in children with ASD?

This technique of teaching a child has many advantages: it is simple, does not require special training, and a child will easily understand it. Many everyday skills can be instilled, and the most necessary things — self-service, communication with others — can be taught in a playful way. However, the method has a significant drawback: it does not “treat” pathology in the traditional sense of the term.

Autism is not a reason to give up due to the low effectiveness of classical methods; undergo stem cell transplantation in the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, and you will see that this disease is already treatable!

Today, treatment of childhood autism with stem cells is the most recommended correction method because it:

  • Changes the structure of the brain at the cellular level
  • Eliminates the cause of development progress — genetic modifications in the brain
  • Enhances the effect of other procedures and didactic techniques
  • Has no analogues in the type of its effect on the autistic child’s condition
  • Is completely safe since the patient’s own biomaterial does not cause an autoimmune reaction

Such treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder is carried out in only a few clinics; in Europe, it can be undergone in Georgia at the Mardaleishvili MC at very competitive prices.

All your child needs to recover is a procedure for correcting childhood autism with stem cells. Sign up online!

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