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Sand therapy for children with autism


Among the popular methods of treatment for children with ASD, sand therapy is quite original. Many people do not take it seriously because of stereotypical thinking, but it is a good way to correct many symptoms of the disease and to develop the child’s natural talents. Not only parents, but also doctors and scientists, are convinced of this claim.

Sand therapy for autism involves a variety of developmental activities for children of both preschool and school age. Properly organized leisure activities engage the child, helping to improve many skills that are difficult to develop through other methods. Of course, home activities should be coordinated with the attending physician so that they can guide parents in the right direction and give effective recommendations.

Sand therapy materials for autistic children:

  • Natural sand in the sandpit
  • “Living” sand
  • Kinetic sand

Sand art therapy in the case of autism will engender joy and a good mood not only in children but also in adults.

Sand therapy games for autism:

  • Leaving handprints and footprints
  • Pouring sand from different containers at different speeds, from different heights, etc.
  • Drawing with a finger or brush
  • Creating sand paintings on a table or flat surface
  • Playing with a bucket, shovel, and other sand toys for the youngest children
  • Searching in a pile of sand for hidden stones, letters, and small toys
  • Making cakes from molds
  • Identifying an object hidden in a small sandbag by touch
  • Creating “holes” and “wormholes”
  • Building a castle and other objects
  • Creating abstract sand paintings in different colors

Long-term use of sand therapy for children with autism has resulted in the following conclusions:

  1. Deepening the skills of establishing contact with the interlocutor
  2. Expanding sensory experience
  3. Overcoming the fear of touching
  4. Integrating different sensations into one entity
  5. Training of proprioceptive sensations
  6. Development and formation of motor–visual coordination
  7. Reducing the frequency and intensity of anti-constructive behavior
  8. Development of communicative skills
  9. Improvement of fine motor skills
  10. Normalization of the neuropsychic system

The results are quite good for such a simple way to correct the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Among the disadvantages of the methodology is that the child may lose interest in regular sand play, and consistency is important for effectiveness. Also, sand therapy is not able to change the genetic abnormalities in the brain that cause the disease.

Cell therapy is the only way to restore the correct structure of the brain today. The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre offers the most favorable conditions for undergoing the stem cell transplantation procedure.

Correction of a child’s autism, as a real therapeutic method, is available in only a few clinics around the world. Many Europeans prefer to undergo transplantation at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre. Here, the prices are adequate, the specialists are qualified, and the organizational services are well coordinated. After stem cell treatment for a child’s autism spectrum disorder, there is no need to resort to permanent therapeutic sessions that the child had previously undergone. It is enough to be observed at the place of residence and to conduct simple developmental exercises at home.

Receive autism treatment for children in Georgia  it is effective and will allow your child to fulfill their future on par with normally developing children!

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