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Reiki practice to treat autism


Reiki is an esoteric practice that is increasingly used in modern alternative medicine as an alternative technique for autism spectrum disorder. The practice originated in Japan more than 200 years ago as a method of energetic healing of the body by transferring energy through the palms of the healer to the patient.

The term “Reiki” literally means “universal life energy” or “mysterious atmosphere.” The practice of the same name is classified as an energy-healing method. Reiki is used to heal autism as another path to recovery and may have a place in the list of non-traditional treatment methods to eliminate the symptomatic picture of this pathology.

The essence of treating autism with the Reiki method

According to this practice, an energy field is concentrated around the human body and can be influenced in a certain way for treatment. It is believed that in parts of the body where there may be emotional discomfort or physical pain, this energy becomes stagnant. This circumstance can further aggravate existing dysfunction and cause new diseases. The goal of energy medicine is to remove these stagnant zones by removing the blocks using the energy resources of the healer. Fans of this practice are convinced that it will help a sick person relax because it:

  • Eliminates pain
  • Stops muscle spasms
  • Normalises the state of the nervous system
  • Enhances the effect of other therapeutic techniques
  • Promotes faster recovery

The influence of Reiki on an autistic child’s health

Many parents note that this method has a beneficial effect on the child’s well-being. The healer works with the powerful energy “Qi,” which is a creative life essence that surrounds a person everywhere. However, an autistic child often has blocked channels, so they are unable to draw strength and health from this energy. The goal of healing is to unblock these channels, surround the child with creative energy, and teach them to use it independently.

Some people believe that these energy sessions not only help an autistic child to relax but also to find emotional and mental well-being. Such treatment, with regular practice, can also start the natural process of bodily renewal. It also helps to gain confidence in one’s own abilities, deal with various difficulties, and cope with stress, apathy, and other undesirable conditions.

Expert opinion on Reiki treatment for ASD

Now, there are no scientific ways to evaluate the effectiveness of this method to treat autism. Energy can only be felt by tuning into it. But so far, there is no scientific evidence that Reiki can cure autism.

Treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is the exact opposite of the Reiki technique in terms of therapeutic effect.

At the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre your child will be able to undergo a transplantation procedure to effectively treat their autism.

This technique is used for a variety of diseases that are still considered incurable. More recently, they include ASD. Treatment of childhood autism using stem cells has an effect that cannot be compared with the results of other methods, namely:

  • Cellular renewal of the brain
  • Facilitating the body’s self-healing system
  • Powerful stimulants to improve brain activity

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