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Rehabilitation therapy for children with autism is an innovative treatment securing reliable therapeutic effects

An autistic child is a special person who lives in his/her own comfortable world. However, his behavior and perception of the world has a negative impact on his social position and creates serious barriers to self-realization in adulthood. Rehabilitation of special children is a new direction in the treatment of patients with ASD. Its aim is to strengthen and secure therapeutic results.

The term “rehabilitation” means the resumption of lost skills, but in the case of children with autism it cannot be used in this sense. Rehabilitation of children with autism involves correction work through a set of therapeutic and restorative activities.

Professional assistance for children with ASD in rehabilitation centers

Comprehensive pedagogical correctional rehabilitation work is currently considered an effective therapeutic method. It helps children to learn self-care, acquire basic knowledge of the world around them, gain necessary life skills, and adapt to society. In other words, it involves an integrated development of the individual, which is impossible without a team of experienced doctors. The applied methods are constantly being improved as scientists find new techniques.

Traditional programs and treatments used by developmental centers for children with autism:

  • ABA method
  • Massage
  • Ergotherapy
  • Blomberg therapy
  • Vibration therapy
  • Sensory integration
  • Cerebellar stimulation
  • Kinesiotherapy
  • Montessori pedagogy
  • Cardio training, etc.

A rehabilitation therapist individually selects a set of methods for a person with autism. They aim to understand the patient, identify his/her abilities and peculiarities, and find procedures best suited to their needs. However, it is very difficult to affect the brain structure through indirect means, so the results of such treatment are limited. The only method that partially restores the structure of the brain is the use of stem cells.

At the Mardaleishvili Medical Center you can multiply the effect of all rehabilitation measures by undergoing a modern cellular correction procedure.

Stem cell treatment of children’s autism is an advanced method of effective therapy and rehabilitation

All rehabilitation procedures, exercises and activities are conservative therapeutic methods. Their goal is to achieve and sustain a therapeutic result. According to statistical data, rehabilitation treatment improves the well-being of an autistic child by only 20-40%. This is not a bad indicator for this disease, which in medicine is still considered incurable. However, the results are insufficient for a child to lead a normal life.

Stem cell treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder allows improvement in the range of 50-70%. There are even examples with much higher rates in medical practice. This procedure is carried out by the doctors at our clinic. Detailed information on this procedure is available from the website which allows you to contact consulting specialists in a convenient way.

Choose autism correction in Georgia and maximize the positive impact on your child’s well-being, social adjustment, behavior, and ability to learn.

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