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Psychotherapy in cases of autism and the promising method of cellular correction

Autism psychotherapy is a correction method for children with autism spectrum disorder and can involve a complex variety of approaches. There are roughly 20 generally accepted psychotherapy programs used in Europe and America. They differ in scientific background, accessibility for the family, and effectiveness, and are selected individually.

When treating a child with ASD a psychotherapist aims to:

  • Form a positive rapport with the patient
  • Activate communication skills
  • Correct negative attitudes toward self and the environment
  • Develop the child’s emotional and sensual sphere
  • Improve social adaptation
  • Control aggression and fear

Interactions between a specialist and an autistic child include sand therapy, play therapy, fairy tale therapy, kinesiotherapy, art therapy, animal therapy, etc. The psychotherapist is usually a kind of friend, guiding the emotional and cognitive sphere of the autistic child.

A psychotherapist can correct pathology symptoms within the framework of a psychotherapeutic program but cannot completely eliminate them. The emphasis is on developing the potential of the personality by stimulating the “healthy” features of an individual, and creating a positive, socially active environment around the child.

When treating children with autism spectrum disorder, psychotherapy is an adjunctive and not a primary method.

Advantages of psychotherapy:

  • Normalization of social interaction with the surrounding world
  • Reduction of abnormal feelings of fear and anxiety
  • Improved communication with relatives and other people
  • Formation of a sufficiently positive attitude toward him/herself

Disadvantages of psychotherapy:

  • Obtaining psychotherapeutic results is a long process and hard work for the therapist and the patient
  • In many cases, due to severe abnormalities in the brain, results may not be achieved
  • Even if the therapist and the child interact positively, it is necessary to attend the sessions and repeat the work at home again and again

Mardaleishvili Medical Center is one of the best clinics in Georgia, where your child can receive the most effective and modern treatment.

The promising method of correcting children’s autism with stem cells

Since the cause of ASD development lies in the pathological structure of the brain, which is not yet fully understood, the disease is currently incurable. All methods applied to it are conservative, i.e., non-invasive, suppressing symptoms but not directly affecting the cellular structure of the brain. This means the patient is destined to undergo treatment all his life.

However! The best clinics in the world today use cellular correction which directly impacts the brain’s structure. The method can be considered relatively invasive because stem cells, like a surgeon’s scalpel, correct genetic errors in the abnormal brain structure.

Children can undergo this treatment using autologous stem cells from their own bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. This is a completely safe and effective treatment. The results are much more visible than from more conservative procedures.

Cell therapy provides the foundation for effective conservative therapy and the patient’s healthy, socially active, fulfilling future.

Choose stem cell treatment for your child’s autism – the effectiveness of this complex therapy will pleasantly surprise you!

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