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Herbal therapy for autism


There is no such disease as “autism” in Chinese and Eastern medicine. Instead, there is the concept of 5 developmental delay syndromes and herbal treatments that can cope with them. Thus, herbal therapy for ASD has become popular in other European countries as an alternative method.

Correcting the disease symptoms with herbs in traditional medicine is classified as a traditional treatment for autism since there is no scientific evidence that it is effective. The 5 developmental delays include disorders of the following organs and functions:

  • Standing, body position in space
  • Walking, coordination of movements
  • Teething
  • Hair growth
  • Speech apparatus

Chinese scientists consider this set of dysfunctions to be an imbalance of the body and a disorder of brain activity. They believe that the cause of these 5 developmental delay syndromes is an energy imbalance, which can be restored with the help of certain medicinal herbs. However, they are also aware that herbs alone cannot be effective for autism and often combine herbal therapy with a diet, psychological conversations, and physical activity.

Features of herbal therapy for autism

Specifically, such plants as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, basil, licorice root, mint, and cloves are recommended for children with autism as an addition to drinks and ready-made dishes. Drinking mixtures of lemon juice, ginger, and warm water are also useful. Herbal treatment for autism also involves drinking hot milk with saffron. This drink promotes the development of tissues and cellular connections in the brain and improves memory.

Seven other medicinal plants used as alternative medicines for autism:

  • Ledum
  • Melissa
  • Bacopa
  • Lovage
  • Baikal skullcap
  • Kali collinum
  • Datisca cannabina

The effectiveness of herbs for autistic children

Treatment of autism with folk remedies requires consultation with a doctor and the selection of a suitable combination of herbs in the correct proportions. Correct herbal therapy for autism is not an easy task. Sometimes, creating the correct medicinal mixture and testing it for a specific person takes months.

The result of therapeutic intervention is always individual. Recently, the use of Ginkgo biloba biloba fruits has become popular. This plant can improve the absorption of glucose and oxygen and has antioxidant and nootropic properties.

Contact the staff of the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre and find out exactly how to help restore your child’s health, not by herbal medicine but by another, more effective method!

Modern correction of childhood autism using stem cells is an effective treatment for autism spectrum disorder, and it is more effective than an alternative medicine. Stem cell transplantation maximises the impact on the brain, changing it at the cellular level and producing a pronounced therapeutic effect. As a result, the symptoms of the disease will become less apparent, and the child will learn to behave in a more socially acceptable manner.

Advantages of treating a child with autism spectrum disorder in Georgia:

  • Effective and affordable cell transplantation procedure
  • Effective treatment that restores brain structure
  • Highly qualified specialists, effective methods
  • Caring attitude toward patients
  • Ample opportunities for rehabilitation therapy

Undergo a stem cell transplant procedure — this effective treatment for autism will help your child start a new life!

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