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Pharmacotherapy for Autism


Medication therapy for autism is an alternative method of autism treatment with medications, which are selected exclusively on an individual basis.

Groups of possible medications to treat autism:

Neuroleptics are agents designed to reverse severe symptoms in the active phase of the disease. They help to eliminate deceptive perceptions of reality, anxiety, aggression, and excessive excitement.

Antidepressants are effective against affective disorders of pathology. They can be used not only to improve the patient’s mood but also to prevent possible suicide attempts, since many patients with ASD are prone to them.

Iminostilbenes are medicines prescribed by the doctor to prevent the development of various affective disorders accompanying autism. They have a restraining effect on autism pathogenesis and prevent acute peaks in its course.

Tranquillisers are drugs of extreme necessity. They help patients deal with severe sleep disturbances and acute agitation. They are intended for adolescents and adult patients, mainly because they can have the opposite effect in early childhood.

Nootropics are drugs that stimulate brain activity. They are used when conservative developmental techniques fail to provide a positive therapeutic effect. They improve blood circulation and metabolism in the brain.

Vitamins are essential nutritional supplements. Autistic people usually take them regularly because their body’s natural metabolic process is disordered. Preference is given to complexes containing B vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated acids.

Medications improve blood circulation in autistic patients. Autistic people have a blood circulation disorder in the brain, due to which vital processes and functions are slowed down: memory, thinking, attention, calmness, and concentration.

Diuretics may be prescribed by the doctor when a state of acute agitation or hypertensive syndrome has been diagnosed.

Why doesn’t the doctor prescribe medication for the treatment of autism?

Pharmacotherapy for autism spectrum disorder has both advantages and disadvantages, as many drugs have side effects. Medication therapy for ASD may be effective for one patient and useless or harmful for another. Therefore, it makes sense to undergo a safer and more effective treatment.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a European clinic specialising in stem therapy. Here, you will undergo effective treatment with visible results.

Treating a child’s autism with stem cells is:

  • Reliable and effective therapy
  • Promising techniques for the future
  • Cellular renewal of the patient’s brain
  • Elimination of most symptoms of the disease
  • A good basis for the success of further developmental therapy

The consultants of the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre provide free consultations on the correction of a child’s autism with stem cells in a remote mode. This is very convenient; the patient will receive all the necessary information without visiting the clinic.

You can get cellular treatment for your child with autism spectrum disorder next month; find out how!

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