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The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)


The Alternative Communication System or The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is a system designed for people who either have limited or no speech skills due to severe genetic or acquired disorders.

The purpose of the method is the expression of a request, thought, answer to a question, etc.

Method tools: a set of cards with certain images indicating objects and actions.

Influence technique: making sentences using several cards, attracting the attention of the interlocutor as a way to overcome social withdrawal.

With this visual treatment for autism, separate cards are used at first, and then a child develops the skill of combining them.

Image Exchange Communication System Technology for Autism


  • Estimation of existing skills
  • Identification of objects and activities that are attractive to the patient
  • Creation of conditions for successful learning — removing access to attractive activities and subjects
  • Preparation of educational materials — an album with cards.

Stages of communication using cards for autism (PECS)

Stage 1: Start of communication

Communication starts with familiarizing the child with the cards by demonstrating them and teaching the child how to use them.

Stage 2: Practice

The child must use the album to choose the needed card to express a request for the desired item.

Stage 3: Features of the PECS card distinguishing

It is important to classify all cards and arrange them in the album by topic so the child will be able to easily find and retrieve them.

Stage 4: Structuring sentences

The album should have a template for composing sentences that have a classic structure: subject, predicate, and object. For example, to make the sentence ‘I want ice cream’, a child must place the corresponding cards in the correct sequence using this template.

Stage 5: Practice answering the question

In addition to writing a request, the child must also be able to pose questions using a different sentence structure template.

Stage 6: Control

This stage is for a spontaneous dialogue with the expression of requests, giving answers, and asking questions.

The effectiveness of the PECS method for autism

The technique of visual communication has been used for a long time and is successful because it is the easiest way to establish contact with an interlocutor and come to mutual understanding. However, it does not have a direct effect on speech functions or the brain. But not everything is so bad — there is a new method for correcting ASD that has such an effect.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of a few clinics that performs innovative stem cell transplantation for the powerful treatment of autism.

Stem cell correction of childhood autism — the number one method against ASD

This is not an exaggeration. The effectiveness of the technology is so high that it allows us to make bold predictions about future therapeutic successes. Stem cell transplantation is performed not only to treat the autism spectrum disorder of a child; it is also effective against oncology, heart pathologies, and other complex diseases. The secret of its success lies in the fact that stem cells identify and eliminate abnormal areas in the brain or other parts of the human body at the cellular level.

Fill out an online form for the treatment of childhood autism, and you will receive a consultation and a preliminary therapeutic prognosis!

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