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Is it worth spending time and money on paraffin therapy for autism?


Autism spectrum disorder is currently an incurable pathology, and many parents of autistic children try alternative methods because traditional treatments do not produce the desired effect. One of these experimental techniques is paraffin therapy.

Paraffin therapy procedure for autism

Paraffin treatment for autism is a physiotherapeutic method that applies warm paraffin to certain areas of the human body. Heated paraffin has several impacts on the patient’s health:

  • Decongestant
  • Resorbable
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Metabolic
  • Antispastic

The mechanism of the paraffin therapy procedure for autism

Specially purified paraffin is used during treatment. This substance is characterized by low thermal conductivity and high heat capacity. It means that paraffin releases heat slowly. In the area where the paraffin is applied, the temperature in the deep tissues rises by a couple of degrees, and as a result, blood flow increases and metabolic processes intensify and improve. It is believed that a general improvement in metabolic processes has a positive effect on the condition of the autistic brain.

The effects of treating autism with paraffin as a result of skin hyperaemia:

  • Increased metabolic processes in muscle tissue and skin
  • Acceleration of the process of resorption and removal of infiltrates
  • Restoration of damaged areas
  • Acceleration of cellular regeneration
  • Reduction in pain and muscle spasms
  • Beneficial compression of tissues during paraffin crystallisation

Scientific findings on the use of paraffin therapy

Physiotherapeutic methods such as paraffin therapy, electrosleep, or ozokerite are used only in the countries of the former CIS; in countries with a more developed medical system, they are not even considered useful for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Paraffin therapy positively affects muscle structures, but its connection with improving the well-being of an autistic child is not scientifically supported. Today, this method has only a placebo effect for many of its patients. It is fair to note that the ineffectiveness of paraffin therapy also has no scientific evidence. But does the patient have time to experiment with alternative treatments?

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre performs an effective cell transplantation procedure, which is definitely worth your attention!

Correction of childhood autism with stem cells is an advanced method in demand all over the world

Cell therapy is an innovation in the modern arsenal of methods for treating ASD. This is the only way to actually treat, not just correct, symptoms. That is why it is recommended by leading experts all over the world. The main result of using cell therapy is the restoration of the correct structure of the brain. Such treatment of childhood autism has a long-term effect that can be maintained and improved with home activities and comprehensive personality development. According to medical practice, this method has no analogues, and after cell transplantation, most children can study on equal terms with their healthy peers and later receive higher education and work.

Treatment of a childhood autism spectrum disorder with stem cells is a procedure that will eliminate symptoms and stop the pathogenesis.

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