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Neuropsychological correction of autism is an alternative method for combating the disease through the active development of personality

Children with autism spectrum disorder have a non-standard perception of the world around them. For example, they may avoid some sensations but be more receptive to others, even to the point of autostimulation. Autistic people also receive signals from their senses but are not able to put them together into a larger picture. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this pathology is associated with a disassembled puzzle.

The main tasks of the neuropsychology of autism are:

  • Help a child learn how to perceive themselves in the surrounding space
  • Develop cognitive, motor, and sensory skills
  • Improve the spectrum of self-perception in the surrounding space
  • Socialise a child
  • Integrate patients from specialised establishments into general education institutions

Features of neuropsychological correction for autism

This method is considered alternative but effective, as it helps a child overcome:

  • Low operability
  • Abstraction
  • Increased fatigue
  • Slow brain activity
  • Inattention
  • Poor memory
  • Insufficient self-regulation, etc.

The restoration of a harmonious balance between the motor and sensory spheres and their subsequent development is the main result of neuropsychological correction. When the basic functions are coordinated, then efforts aimed at developing thinking and speech will bring success.

What is important to know about the neuropsychology of autism

Sensory neurocorrection should be carried out regularly. The doctor selects individual classes and methods for a particular patient and uses them gradually in order to activate cognitive abilities with maximum comfort for the child. It is especially important that parents work with the child at home according to the plan or strategy set by the therapist.

Such an integrated approach will be key to a successful impact on pathology. But it is worth remembering that this approach is not a treatment in the direct sense of the word; neuropsychological correction can only smooth out the symptoms of the disease. Pathogenesis can be truly stopped only with the help of modern cellular correction.

From this perspective, it is not surprising that therapy for autism with any traditional method is lifelong and does not always produce the desired outcome. But a direct effect on the cellular structure of the brain can give a more pronounced result.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a clinic where you can undergo an effective stem cell transplantation procedure to get the maximum benefit from neuropsychological correction.

Advantages of treating childhood autism with stem cells

This method is the most effective, since it not only corrects symptoms but also partially cures pathology. It is worth noting that no traditional method has such an effect. Therefore, this treatment for autism spectrum disorder is promising, and it is prescribed to many patients. When stem cells are inserted into the brain, they actively restore its structure by displacing abnormal cells responsible for autism and replacing them with naturally correct analogues.

Get correction of childhood autism in Georgia, and your child will be a healthy and confident person!

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