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Massage of the cervical-collar zone for the elimination of developmental delay in the case of ASD


Developed speech functions are a sign of an intellectually and psychologically developed person. Autistic people have delayed psycho-speech development due to abnormal brain development and anomalies in the structure of the cervical zone. That is why autism treatment with massage is very important as part of a comprehensive therapy.

Why is massage so necessary for an autistic person?

The most common injury to the cervical spine is damage to an element called the atlantis. Its slight displacement can cause significant disorders and dysfunctions. Due to the displacement, arteries are constricted and narrowed. This is diagnosed in almost all children with developmental delays or autism. The misalignment can be corrected with a special massage for people with autism.

Physical massage correction plays an important role in the treatment of autism. With displacement, most of the signals from different organs of the body do not reach the brain and the nervous system in full. Because of this, the brain’s information processing is incomplete. A massage in the case of autism solves this problem by eliminating the blockage of blood vessels, through which the brain is enriched with oxygen. As a result, blood flow is restored, improving self-perception in the world, intelligence, memory, and attention. Speech functions and the correct rhythm of mental development are also restored.

Peculiarities of massage for autistic children

Treatment of developmental delay and autism is a complex, rather complicated, and long process. It involves chiropractors, defectologists, speech therapists, pedagogues, psychologists, and many other specialists.

Before prescribing a massage of the cervical-collar zone, the child will undergo diagnostic procedures: EEG, ECG, and MRI, as well as a consultation with a neurologist and otolaryngologist. Based on the results obtained, a treatment protocol with optimal massage techniques for starting speech and improving mental development is prepared.

Parents should understand that cervical massage for autism is one of the most important “impulses” to normalize the child’s development. Only sessions with a speech therapist or psychologist are not enough. Physiotherapy and medication are also not always effective.

With this diagnosis, massage cannot be carried out by parents on their own; it must be done by a specialist with specialized techniques.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia is one of several clinics around the world that provide an alternative, more effective stem cell treatment for ASD. The services here are affordable for the patient, and the conditions for recovery are the best!

What is the cellular treatment for a child’s autism spectrum disorder?

The stem cell transplantation procedure restores the anatomically correct structure of the brain. In the case of ASD, only autologous biomaterial is used, which is not rejected by the body and does not cause side effects. The cells are derived from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood and are injected mainly into the spinal canal so that they reach the brain in maximum concentration.

Stem cell treatment for children’s autism is effective because it:

  • Solves the problem of ASD development
  • Maximizes delay in the disease pathogenesis
  • Eliminates developmental delay
  • Helps to increase the effectiveness of any developmental interventions

If you want to help your child, sign up for cellular correction of autism; the procedure will restore the proper mental development of an autistic child.

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