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Music therapy for autism is a creative, enjoyable, and effective treatment that children love


Autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong condition characterized by abnormalities in the development of the brain and nervous system. That’s why autistic children perceive the world around them differently and establish “their own” special relationships with it. Most often, autistic people are asocial, their speech functions are impaired, and their creative abilities are blocked, so treating autism with music is recommended for everyone.

Music therapy for autism gives a child musical experiences, and that will help activate their creative potential so they can differentiate their own emotions and feelings and freely communicate with other people.

Experience using music therapy for autism

This technique was developed more than 70 years ago, and medical practice has accumulated enough information about its positive and negative effects on children with ASD. The therapy is carried out in the clinic by doctors with appropriate academic education. Music therapy is selected individually for each patient and can help achieve good results in combination with other treatment methods. Musical treatment itself has no pronounced therapeutic effect on the symptomatic picture of the disease.

Effects of music therapy:

  • Improving communication functions: musical stimulation helps in the development of the speech apparatus
  • Deepening auditory abilities: a child learns to distinguish not only music but also the variety of human speech with its intonation, emotional colouring, and subtext
  • Forming new social relationships by meeting peers, communicating with others without fear, and strengthening family ties
  • Elimination of sensory phobias, including a fear of touching or hugging
  • Help with emotional self-expression by developing a non-verbal communication style
  • Enhancing brain activity by creating new neural connections

Not long ago, music treatment for autism was controversial because very little was known about the method and its impact on the pathogenesis of the disease. Only on the basis of many years of research and observation have scientists concluded that music has a fairly positive effect on the process of rehabilitation of the human body after the affliction of various disorders and conditions. It is noteworthy that this treatment has no disadvantages.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia is one of the best clinics for undergoing the innovative procedure of cell transplantation.

Stem cell transplantation is a method of the 21st century for treating childhood autism

There is no doubt that auditory and music therapies are beneficial for an autistic child and are an important part of their overall development. But, unfortunately, classical medicine has no method that actually treats autism rather than just correcting its symptoms, except for the method of stem cell transplantation.

This treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder is aimed at cellular correction of the brain, which, in turn, helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease. There is no similar method in terms of effectiveness and influencing the brain, and it is really worth trying for children with ASD.

Choose to correct childhood autism at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre; you can then improve the resulting curative effect with pleasant music therapy at home!

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