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The modelling method for autism treatment


Modelling for autism is a method of visual demonstration of a target desired behaviour for subsequent adoption by the patient as the main form of behaviour in the future. This method of behavioural correction for ASD can be effectively used in combination with other methods for treating autism. It ideally combines well with encouragement and tips given to the patient.

A model for copying desired behaviour can be:

  • Real person (in-vivo model)
  • Video recording of acceptable behaviour combined with supporting comments from a therapist or loved one (video modelling)
  • Audio recording with an installation or affirmation for self-learning (auto-modelling).

This method of ASD correction is included in the list of methods for applied analysis of behaviour. It can be used at home, in kindergarten, and at school.

The autism modelling approach aims to enhance these types of skills:

  • Motor
  • Social
  • Communicative
  • Gaming
  • Academic

Improvement of these skills and areas indicates the comprehensive development of the individual and the achievement of significant success in the future.

Age and target group for training

It is possible to start such training in early childhood and continue without time or age restrictions. Of course, an earlier start to the training will give more pronounced results.

But a certain level of psychological and cognitive maturity in the child is required — the skill of imitation must be fully formed. Otherwise, the therapeutic impact will be useless.

Also, the method of video modelling for autism assumes that a child is able to maintain their attention. It is necessary in order to notice, realize, and repeat the form of behaviour that is desired from the child.

Techniques for using the visual correction method for autism:

  1. Identification of forms of negative behaviour
  2. Drawing up a strategy for replacing these forms with acceptable analogues using video correction
  3. Demonstration of educational videos by the teacher
  4. Estimation of the therapeutic effect produced in the future

Lessons can be conducted individually or in a group. Students certainly need to be encouraged when successfully demonstrating new skills. At home, the effectiveness of the method can be higher since the child is in a comfortable atmosphere and a loved one is working with them. However, group classes can also produce excellent results — interacting with other people forms social and communication skills.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia is one of the few clinics in Europe that practices effective stem cell treatment for ASD.

Cellular treatment of childhood autism is now at its peak of popularity among experimental, innovative methods of combating autism. It has no analogues in its effect on the patient’s brain and contributes to a significant restoration of the child’s health. It is a real chance to give a ‘ticket’ to a healthy future that is socially active, sociable, and successful.

Treatment for autism spectrum disorder in a child in Georgia includes:

  • Qualified specialists
  • A proven, effective methodology
  • Comprehensive care for the patient

Use the clinic’s website to fill out the online form for a consultation on the correction of childhood autism — the child’s recovery is in your hands!

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