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Autism Massage Techniques


Autism spectrum disorder is characterised by a loss of interconnection with the surrounding world, current events, and relatives. Autistic children are self-isolated and may have limited interests. Special massage techniques can alleviate this condition, as well as improve the child’s psycho-emotional state. With properly selected techniques and regular sessions, it is possible to adapt the individual’s behaviour to socially acceptable standards, restore family and social relations.

Positive massage mechanisms for autistic children

Children with ASD are often irritated by touches from strangers because it may cause them psychological discomfort and even physical pain. The reaction is interestingly caused by light touches, not deep ones. This is caused by disruptions in the process of nervous system formation. As a result, the child becomes stressed and can make chaotic movements, which prevents them from paying attention and concentrating on present events.

Regular therapeutic massage is intended to restore normal touch sensitivity. The masseur’s tactile action stimulates the sympathetic fibers during the massage, thus correcting the patient’s pathological condition.

The objectives of massage therapy for autistic children:

  • Relaxation of spastic, rigid, locally tensed muscles;
  • Pain relief;
  • Increased skin sensitivity;
  • General restorative effects.

Traditional varieties of medical massage for autism treatment:

  • Hygienic massage;
  • Reflexive;
  • Acupressure;
  • Traditional general tonic.

Specific massage effects

Stimulation of the cervical collar zone improves the functionality of the speech center, which is useful in cases of delayed speech development. Stimulation synchronises the work of the two cerebral hemispheres. Massaging the hands and arms also has a positive effect on brain activity and facilitates the development of fine motor skills, attention, speech, logic, reaction speed, and creativity.

Recommendations for massage therapy of autism and evidence-based guidelines

Self-performed massage without a specialist’s supervision is not recommended. Only experienced masseurs know all the nuances of influencing the body and brain of the autistic child. It is advisable to consult a neurologist before starting the massage course. Only specifically selected massage techniques can help, while others may do harm. Among the scientifically confirmed positive effects of massage are:

  • Normalizing the work of internal organs;
  • Muscle and body relaxation;
  • Improving blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Assistance in social adaptation.

At the Georgian Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, autism is treated not with massage but with stem cells, with stunning results!

Stem cell transplantation procedure is an innovative method of correcting childhood autism

This method is based on the activation of the body’s own regenerative powers. It is over 50% safer and more effective than massage and other traditional methods of child autism spectrum disorder treatment. After therapy, almost all children begin to master the school curriculum, become active in conversation, overcome fears and complexes, and take up many new activities.

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