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Peer-based interventions and instructions for children with autism


Educational and socializing methods are very important when dealing with autism, as being socially active and adequate is a natural need of the individual. It is the ability to communicate that will help children organize their lives.

Peer autism treatment is a pedagogical technique applied in real-time during interactions between kindergarten classmates or school classmates and the autistic child.

The first step is to define a strategy with the physician and teacher. The appropriate forms and types of educational activities are then selected. Classes can only be supervised by a teacher and can only be conducted in a playful manner, according to pre-determined rules that take into account the interests of the autistic child and their peers.

What materials can be used when working with autists?

It is possible to teach an understanding of many basic things in the world around us in a playful way, to instill interest in various activities, and to teach how to build dialogue and communication without fear on the part of the autistic person. Various active and developmental games, quests, videos, skits, etc. can be used to treat autism in the community. Parents can also participate if the child feels more comfortable with their presence. Joint interaction with close, familiar people can often improve the mood of the child with autism and lower their resistance to the world.

The practical value of peer treatment for autism

The methodology is useful in encouraging the patient’s closest contacts to accept them and to communicate effectively with them. It is a perspective-based and accessible learning experience for the autistic child because they:

  • Learn to establish and develop relationships with peers
  • Understand how to play, communicate with children, and analyze their behavior
  • Develop group learning skills

The results of peer treatment for an autistic child can be seen in the near future if it is properly organized by a teacher. It is possible that it will be easier for the child to make contact with people in the future. This is a nurturing and educational methodology. If you want a stronger influence on the disease’s progression, it is necessary to take advantage of the advanced procedures of modern medicine.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, located in Georgia, is the most popular clinic in Europe where you can undergo the most effective stem cell transplantation procedure.

Cellular treatment of a child’s autism spectrum disorder is an effective modern technique evaluated by scientists.

It has been scientifically confirmed that the transplantation procedure has a unique effect on the brain. Stem cells restore the brain’s correct natural structure, generating a therapeutic effect. Such treatment of a child’s autism is not possible with other methods. Georgia has the most favorable conditions for undergoing this therapy: climate, cost of medical services, quality, and effectiveness.

You should contact the Mardaleishvili Centre because its staff:

  • Provide qualified medical care
  • Perform unique treatments that are unparalleled in their level and type of effect
  • Take care of the patient from the time of treatment planning to the time of returning home

Fill out the online form for stem cell correction of a child’s autism  give your child the best chance to overcome the disease!


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