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Immune therapy for autism is a way to strengthen the body and enhance the effects of other treatment methods


This method of treatment can be partly called an “awakening of the active dormant recreational capabilities of the body” that are blocked in an autistic child by genetic abnormalities in the brain.

Scientific rationale for immunotherapy effectiveness

A group of physician-scientists whose activities are focused on the treatment of autism conducted an independent study, and the results showed that the immune defences of an autistic child’s body are reduced several times compared to the body of a healthy patient.

Therefore, children with autism are more susceptible to various diseases and also unable to fight chronic pathologies with their own strength since granulocytes, the cells of the immune system, are three times weaker.

Why is immune therapy for ASD effective?

According to Eleanor Napoli, a professor at the Davis School of Medicine, the granulocytes of autistic children are not fast or strong enough to respond to the negative effects of harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the immune system cannot neutralise pathogenic microorganisms effectively.

The immune system, strengthened by special medications, becomes capable of resisting the pathogenic sphere of the surrounding world and triggering the body’s regenerative potential to correct chronic diseases such as autism. This, in turn, improves the therapeutic effects of various procedures and methods used to correct ASD.

How immune therapy works for autism

Physician-scientist Cecilia Gulivi, a professor from the University of California, explained the principle of immune therapy effects. Since cellular mitochondria do not work properly in the body of an autistic child, oxidative stress forms in the cells. This disorder is closely connected with general metabolism and negatively affects circulation in the brain.

The results of previous studies lead to the conclusion that such complex permanent dysfunctions inhibit the functionality of the brain and aggravate the pathogenesis of autism. Drug correction restores the protective potential of granulocytes.

Alternative enhanced treatment for childhood autism in Georgia

To treat autism spectrum disorder as part of enhanced immunotherapy, we recommend contacting the leading Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Tbilisi. Here, you can undergo a stem cell transplant that has a unique effect on the brain of an autistic child. Such correction of childhood autism is more effective together with immunotherapy, since stem cells restore the areas of the brain affected by autism, and immunotherapy starts recovery processes throughout the body. This is not an alternative to cellular correction because the two methods are completely different, but their combined use will allow you to achieve the most pronounced effect.

The advantages of the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia:

  • Complete care for the patient and accompanying persons
  • High quality level of cell transplantation procedure
  • Assistance in resolving visa issues
  • No language barrier
  • Comfortable environment

Undergo immune therapy after stem cell transplantation — this is the way to achieve the maximum possible effect of autism treatment!

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