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Therapeutic Hydro-Mechanotherapy Against Autism


Treatment methods for autism spectrum disorder mainly focus on the development of the patient’s mental, sensory, and physical abilities while correcting behavioural abnormalities. Autistic children usually have a tactile phobia, which can be overcome by hydromassage.

According to the latest American research, classical massage is helpful for autistic children because it reduces pathological touch sensitivity by eliminating sensory aversion.

It has also been noted that hydromassage, as a more advanced technique of influence on the patient’s body, increases the production of oxytocin. This is the hormone of happiness and love. It is responsible for developing a sense of trust, facial recognition, and interaction with others, which is extremely useful for a socially inert autistic patient.

Therapeutic hydro-, mechano-, and kinesiotherapy in cases of autism is a procedure of underwater massage with water streams under certain pressure from the shower under the therapist’s manual control.

Touch is an excellent way of communicating that breaks down barriers, tactile fear, and isolation from the outside world. This is why hydromassage for autistic children is recommended by many specialists. However, it should be performed according to the principles of working with autistic children without forcibly imposing physical contact.

Water massage in cases of autism does not involve direct touching of the patient’s body by the chiropractor. This is appreciated by autistic people, and they gladly agree to hydromassage sessions. Warm water is relaxing; painful sensations and fears disappear. So, this therapy is regarded very optimistically.

Positive effects of water massage during autism treatment:

  • The underwater massage has a short-term effect on different areas of the skin, which stimulates thermosensitive receptors and mechanoreceptors. This has a positive effect on the tone of the dermis and on the lymphatic skin vessels.
  • Cold and hot showers also improve vascular and skeletal muscle tone, normalise blood circulation, strengthen immunity and stamina, and have a positive effect on heart rate.
  • Afferent impulsation of ascending streams activates the centre of the autonomic nervous system and improves the excitability of the cerebral cortex and subcortical structures.

You can have regular hydromassage sessions, but it would be better to come to the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre. Here, you will get treatment that really treats ASD.

The stem cell transplantation procedure to correct childhood autism is an innovation of global relevance.

This methodology has become a real revolution in modern medicine. There is no unique, effective way to treat ASD; brain surgery for this pathology has not yet been carried out, and conservative methods are not able to restore anatomical errors in the brain structure. Treating autistic children with stem cells is the only new technology that is similar to surgical intervention. It is much more effective than non-invasive procedures and allows for a clear and permanent therapeutic result.

Take the first step towards recovery – sign up for treatment of your child’s autism spectrum disorder at Georgian Mardaleishvili Medical Centre!

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