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Honey therapy for autism — treatment with vitamin complexes


According to official data, autism is a lifelong disorder of brain activity and mental development. It has been noted that young children who are later diagnosed with ASD are picky eaters and may have digestive and bowel disorders. The most common symptoms are constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, and intolerance to certain foods.

Due to these problems and dietary restrictions, the body does not receive enough nutrients, and the brain also “starves” as a result. This, in turn, aggravates the development of disorders and genetic abnormalities. At the same time, disorders of the removal system lead to toxic substances accumulating in the body. Vitamins and minerals contained in food ensure the correct development of the body’s growth and support brain functions.

That is why toxic substances are abundant in the bodies of autistic people instead of useful elements like magnesium, vitamins, omega acids, iron, and lecithin. The buildup of toxins leads to self-aggression, obsession with certain things, and even abnormal walking.

Tentorium — honey vitamin complex

The most famous vitamin complex for honey therapy is Tentorium. Many parents note its benefits because:

  • It is made from natural products without processing or heating
  • It has powerful restorative potential
  • It has a special form of release — a patented shell that retains all its medicinal properties
  • It combines natural honey as a supplement with an herbal complex that provides the body with everything it needs

There is no specific scientific evidence that this complex is useful for autism. However, parents of autistic children are constantly striving to use alternative techniques and methods that can help in theory, and honey therapy is the most harmless among them. Moreover, it strengthens the immune system.

Advantages of honey therapy for autism:

  • Vitamins are healthy and tasty, so children take them with pleasure
  • There are many parent testimonies and comments on the Internet about the benefits of honey therapy
  • The complex is affordable and can be purchased in many specialized stores
  • It effectively removes toxins and provides vitamins for the body
  • It improves metabolism and normalises the digestion process

A properly selected vitamin complex, taken according to the body’s needs, is a great benefit for recreational opportunities. If the immune system is working at full strength, it enhances the effects of medications and facilitates activities and exercises. But a disease such as autism cannot be cured with Tentorium honey therapy vitamins. A more powerful approach is needed.

Correction of childhood autism at the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a real opportunity to stop the pathogenesis of the disease and increase the effectiveness of any conservative treatment procedures.

An innovation in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in childhood, stem cell transplantation is an effective procedure that not only corrects symptoms but also has incredible therapeutic effects. Today, cell therapy is highly popular in developed countries because it allows doctors to achieve previously unprecedented success in the treatment of such complex pathologies as nervous disorders, oncology, cardiac diseases, etc.

Give preference to the treatment of childhood autism with stem cells — you are literally one step away from radically changing the pathogenesis of ASD and creating a healthy future for your child!

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