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Heat therapy for autism


Heat therapy for autism is an alternative method used to correct ASD. More precisely, it is worth immediately emphasising that thermotherapy does not cure autism but helps a patient cope with some of the symptoms.

Heat therapy is the preventive, rehabilitation, and therapeutic use of various heated means that have high heat-holding capacity, thermal capacity, and low conductivity.

Treating autism with heat using a controlled increase in the temperature of various substances and natural materials activates the flow of lymph and blood and has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic effects. Heat treatment for autism also accelerates tissue regeneration processes and strengthens the immune system.

Types of heat-transfer materials

Thermotherapy for autism uses plastic substances that can slowly transfer heat to tissues and do not burn them even at high therapeutic temperatures (up to 65 °C). Among such materials:

Paraffin is a mixture of high-molecular-weight carbohydrates that are extracted from petroleum products. Paraffin treatment involves applying white, highly purified paraffin to the body. The location of the application is determined individually, depending on the indications of the attending physician.

Ozokerite is a natural substance whose composition is very similar to that of paraffin. Ozokerite can also be applied for autism treatment to different parts of the body, most often to the upper torso. Ozokerite itself is waxy and can be naturally coloured in shades of yellow to black due to various impurities.

Therapeutic mud is a natural mixture of mineral and organic substances. Treatment with mud is useful not only because it can maintain its temperature but also because it contains gases, soluble salts, and complex natural compounds with biological activity. Mud therapy naturally strengthens the immune system, which is very useful for an autistic child.

Effectiveness of heat treatment for ASD

Thermal therapy for autism can only be used as an auxiliary method since it does not have a direct therapeutic effect but, to some extent, eliminates symptoms such as muscle tension and pain syndromes, normalises the functioning of the central nervous system, and has a relaxing and calming effect, which can help with irritability, aggressive behaviour, and increased muscle tone. If you want to get real results from therapy, it is better to undergo stem cell transplantation and postpone heat treatment for the rehabilitation period after the procedure.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is the number one choice for a clinic to undergo a stem cell transplant procedure for quick and effective treatment of autism.

Advantages of stem cell correction for childhood autism:

  • A pronounced therapeutic effect
  • A long-term, stable treatment result, which will improve with developmental therapy carried out at home
  • A completely safe, effective treatment without side effects

Today, many patients undergo treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder and are satisfied with the results. The method has been actively used to correct ASD for many years and has received the unequivocal approval of specialists.

Undergo stem cell treatment for childhood autism — this method is much more effective than heat therapy!

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