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Ozokerite heat therapy for autism — is it effective or a waste of time?


Ozokerite therapy for autism is one of the alternative heat therapies for autism that uses heated ozokerite mountain wax, which is naturally derived from oil deposits. It looks like beeswax or warm paraffin and has a chemical, warming, and mechanical effect on the body tissues during therapy.

How does ozokerite work for autism?

The basis of ozokerite therapy is a stimulating effect on skin receptors, which produces a healing, restorative, and tonic effect.

Features of ozokerite treatment for autism

Ozokerite is characterized by irritating, thermal, stimulating, and chemical properties. So it saturates the body with biologically active, useful substances. Ozokerite heat therapy for autism produces compression on the skin and activates metabolic processes in it, which is useful for ASD since, with this diagnosis, metabolic disorders are often observed and various stagnation phenomena are present.

Advantages of treating autism with the heat of mountain wax

This therapy calms the patient’s nervous system and partly improves metabolic processes in the brain by accelerating them in the body, creating a calm and relaxed state. An acceptable psycho-moral state can be regained with regular sessions. But regular ozokerite therapy sessions are simply impossible.

Beneficial effects of ozokerite therapy for autism are the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Vasodilative
  • CNS normalising
  • Resorbable
  • Anti-slag
  • Lympha regulating
  • Brain stimulating

The scientific rationale for the use of heat therapy methods for autism

Any method of treatment in evidence-based medicine must be scientifically tested. A detailed study on the method of ozokerite therapy for the treatment of ASD was carried out many years ago. A positive effect on the body was confirmed, but no corrective effect on the disease itself was identified as a result. So, treatment sessions will not harm an autistic child and may ease the symptoms to some extent, but they are not able to eliminate them. This method is not prescribed for ASD in classical medicine, and its effectiveness, which some patients report, can have only an imaginary placebo effect.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre will provide you with the opportunity to undergo effective treatment using stem cell transplantation.

An effective alternative to ozokerite therapy — cellular correction of childhood autism

It is different from other methods of treating ASD because it is aimed not only at reducing the intensity of the disease symptoms but also at treating the root of childhood autism spectrum disorder. Today, this is the only method that has a direct restorative effect on the cellular structure of the brain. Since the cause of autism lies in pathological changes in brain areas such as the cortex, cerebellum, and limbic system, it is necessary to restore them in order to correct the changes. And only stem cells can do it.

Treatment of childhood autism with stem cells is an advanced method, and you can get a free consultation about it right now.

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