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Hardware Treatments for Autism


Almost every clinic specialising in working with children with special needs has some equipment designed for deep therapy. It mainly involves the brain in the recovery process of a child. Other methods have a longer and not always direct impact on brain cells because they are focused on correcting symptoms. Cellular biocorrection of autism has a stronger effect.

Many doctors recommend hardware methods for treating ASD. Patients who have completed the therapeutic course are convinced of its high effectiveness. If your protocol does not include one of the types of hardware correction, it is worth consulting with your doctor.

Types of hardware treatments for autism:

Transcranial micropolarisation in autism

This is a classic, efficacious method of treating ASD that allows for a purposeful change in the functionality of different areas of the central nervous system. The procedure uses low-ampere direct current generated by the Polaris apparatus. This technique is painless and safe, and it can be combined with developmental activities.

Bioacoustic therapy for autism

The technique combines neurofeedback, neurotherapy, and music treatment for ASD. During the procedure, a patient listens to the acoustic image of their own electroencephalogram. It is pre-recorded by converting the electrobiological activity of the brain into an audible range to further increase endogenous brain activity.

Biofeedback therapy for autism

A physiological methodology that uses special computer equipment. It allows for the training of various brain functions with the help of interactive programs. Young patients like this treatment because it takes place as a game with a computer and has an educational character.

How effective are hardware methods of treatment for autism?

It is impossible to give a definite answer because all these techniques individually affect the health of different patients. Many manifestations of the pathology are significantly reduced in most cases, but later they may return. To avoid regression and the need to repeatedly undergo hardware therapy, it is worth paying attention to the advanced capabilities of the developed European healthcare system.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a leading European clinic in Georgia where you can undergo innovative cellular correction for ASD.

This is a procedure for transplanting the body’s basic building blocks — stem cells. They are synthesised from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood and then injected into the bloodstream. Reaching the brain, they correct childhood autism by replacing damaged elements with healthy ones.

The advantages of this unique treatment for childhood autism are evident:

  • Elimination of the root cause of the pathology — mutations in the cellular structure of the brain
  • Noticeable improvement in a child’s well-being and behaviour
  • A child learns easier and communicates better with other people
  • Enhancement of the therapeutic effect of other procedures and developmental techniques
  • Strengthening of the protective functions of the entire body

Choose a new stem cell treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder — your child’s recovery is so real!

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