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Extinction method for autism


There are many alternative methods of treating autism spectrum disorder in evidence-based medicine, but not all of them are practical. Doctors prefer quick-acting methods. However, not all of them meet expectations.

Family members of an autistic child can help to overcome such symptoms as irritability, apathy, unwanted outbursts of anger, and asocial behaviour using the extinction technique.

The “Extinction” technique for autism is the cessation of any reinforcement, struggle, or opposition to the child’s unwanted behaviour.

Technology for the behavioural correction of autism using the extinction method

Extinction and quenching are two interchangeable names for this method. It is part of a behavioural correction program and can be used, independently of other techniques, in complex therapy or in the child’s everyday life within the family circle, where it will be more effective because parents know their child well, have certain “levers” of influence, and, most importantly, have the child’s trust.

Before using the technique, it is necessary to clearly define all forms of unwanted behaviour, their causes, and their characteristics. It is advisable to note observations and get a doctor’s opinion regarding the specifics of behaviour correction by this method of extinguishing symptoms of autism.

After analysing the behaviour, it is necessary to determine extinction methods for each form of behaviour. Preferably, it can be done during the doctor’s consultation.

For example, if the goal is to relieve aggression in an autistic child, it is important to not focus on it but gently switch the child’s attention to another type of activity that does not cause aggression.

If a child is capricious and does not want to study, complete lessons, or do homework, it is necessary to continue learning, and a protest will fade away over time.

It is worth remembering that the extinction technique for autism causes a protest from the child at the very beginning, and there may be a temporary increase in unwanted behaviour or reaction. It will change for the better over time.

The effectiveness of the extinction method for treating autism

This practice has proven itself very well in regular home use. Hard and constant work on behaviour correction will certainly yield the desired result over time. However, it is fair to note that this technique is not therapeutic — it only corrects symptoms. If you want to influence the very cause of the disease, you should undergo the much more effective procedure of stem cell transplantation.

The method of correcting childhood autism using stem cells is one of the best, and it is in great demand in leading clinics around the world!

Advantages of cellular treatment for autism in children:

  • Treating the disease’s progress by correcting mistakes in the brain made by nature
  • A positive restorative effect on the entire body
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of many techniques used in classical medicine to treat ASD

To undergo treatment for autism spectrum disorder in a child, contact the clinic’s consultants; you will receive all necessary information and a personal therapeutic prognosis depending on the patient’s anamnesis.

Contact the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre — here you will be provided with professional medical care!

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