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Exotic Animal Therapy


For autism, the term “exotic animal therapy” does not mean it is inaccessible. Classic examples of such animals are horses, dolphins, cats and dogs. Perhaps a child has no interest in these and wants to have an unusual pet. There is no need to resist — let a child have their desired friend! Psychotherapists are confident that the animal an autistic person likes can have the most pronounced positive effect on the condition.

Top 6 unusual animals for animal therapy for autistic children

  1. Rabbits have an unusual ability to make contact with a person and, like cats, restore the stability of the nervous system.
  2. Parrots and other birds that can be kept in a cage also contribute to therapy. Bird singing calms and enchants, having a positive effect on brain functions by subtle melodic vibrations. This helps to activate imagination and creativity.
  3. Primates (lemurs, pygmy monkeys) are quite active and sociable creatures that can contribute to the development of a child’s communication skills.
  4. Aquarium fish, on the contrary, are the embodiment of peace. They are ideal for children exhibiting aggressive behavior. Watching and caring for fish encourages thinking and structured thoughts.
  5. Guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and other rodents are an excellent and affordable alternative. They are not always willing to communicate, but they require regular care, which fosters a child’s independence and sense of responsibility.
  6. Reptiles and lizards are truly exotic, attracting attention with their unusualness. Having a chameleon, iguana, or non-venomous snake in the house can help an autistic person to feel important in society, expand their circle of friends, learn to be proud of achievements and build self-esteem.

Home animal therapy for children with ASD is a fairly flexible method, so the above-mentioned list of animals can easily be expanded with any other pets that your child would like. There have been known cases when spiders, ants on an ant farm, molluscs, raccoons, dwarf domestic pigs, squirrels, etc. had a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of an individual.

Level of suppression of autism pathogenesis by pet therapy

This method is very good for home use. It does not require a specific time frame or clear conditions, and it is pleasant and useful for a child. In many cases, it is possible to instill in a child enough useful skills for their future lives with its help. The only negative is that animal therapy does not have a therapeutic effect on the brain.

Cell therapy at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center in Georgia is the only method that can be used to correct genetic errors in the structure of the brain.

Such treatment of childhood autism has been widely used relatively recently, but in medical practice, there are already enough arguments in its favour. Many doctors from leading clinics in the world recommend it as the main method of correcting ASD, leaving traditional procedures, including animal therapy, to support the therapeutic effect. The essence of innovative treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder is the use of the patient’s own stem cells. Everything necessary for the most effective therapy is already in the body of your child.

Choose the correction of childhood autism in Georgia and contribute to a maximally suppressive impact on the pathogenesis for a happy, healthy future for your child!

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