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Drug therapy for autism: should the child take medication?


Psychological and pedagogical methods and behavioral therapy are the basic protocols of childhood autism correction. They are the only methods that allow for at least some results at this stage in the development of medical science. Drugs are not the main therapeutic method but only an additional one, and they can be prescribed exceptionally if other measures have not led to the expected effect.

What helps with autism?

A personal therapy program is selected for each patient, but it is difficult to predict its result. Conservative methods partially facilitate an individual’s personal socialization and prepare the child for adult life, and drugs reduce the severity of the pathology’s symptoms. However, they cannot cure autism, and not all types of problem behavior can be corrected with medication.

Peculiarities of drug therapy for children’s autism

Medications are recommended for children who have moderate to severe emotional and behavioral problems.

Drug treatment for autism is prescribed if the behavior of a child:

  1. Is dangerous for the child and the people around them;
  2. Causes problems in the family and close circle;
  3. Interferes with learning and visiting public places.

Advantages of drugs for autism:

  • Decline in irritability;
  • Reducing the intensity of problem behavior;
  • Improvement of cognitive abilities in the learning process;
  • Sleep normalisation;
  • Positive changes in communication with other people.

Take into consideration that these are just expected effects. There are very few effective drugs for the symptoms of autism.

Flaws of the drugs:

  • Did not treat autism;
  • Are not suitable for all patients because of contraindications;
  • Are usually high-priced;
  • Have unwanted side effects.

It is important to understand that drugs are relatively effective only in combination with other conservative methods, and they yield even better results with innovative ways of autism correction, such as cell therapy. That’s because structural anomalies of the brain are the cause of autism, and it is almost impossible to correct them in a non-invasive way.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia is one of a few clinics in the world that perform stem cell treatment, which is much more effective than any drugs or conservative methods.

Cellular therapy is an alternative to the treatment of autism with drugs

And not only! This procedure is characterized by greater efficiency than a set of exercises, procedures, and other conservative activities.

The core of the method is the introduction into the child’s body of its own stem cells from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. Due to the fact that these cells restore the correct structure of the brain, the patient’s health improves significantly.

All you need for the treatment of a child’s autistic spectrum disorder is to contact the consultants of the clinic, get answers to your questions, and get a personal therapeutic prognosis.

Effective stem cell treatment of children’s autism is a great opportunity to minimize the list of drugs that are harmful to the child’s health!


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