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Dolphin therapy for autism is a therapeutic game with a lot of pleasant emotions


Playing and swimming in a pool with dolphins is the most enjoyable, easy, and effective method of correcting autism spectrum disorder in childhood. Dolphins are the kindest, smartest, and most intuitively sensitive mammals on our planet. They have unusual abilities that allow them to establish interspecies connections. Nature has endowed them with an inquisitive and positive character and made them absolutely safe for humans.

The principle of treating autism with dolphin therapy involves free play with these intelligent creatures under the control of specialists or under the supervision of parents. Dolphins subtly get a feel for a person and can change their behaviour depending on the person’s mental and emotional state, improving it. Therefore, dolphin therapy is often used to correct the most severe neurological and mental disorders.

Impact of dolphin therapy for autism on the body of a child:

  • Improving the body’s physical condition through motion during games and swimming
  • New tactile emotions. A child’s mood is always positive while swimming because dolphins happily make contact, allowing the child to stroke them and climb on their backs.
  • Psychotherapy. The playful atmosphere and positive energy help to relax a child, normalise their psyche, reduce aggression and anxiety, and allow them to experience new feelings.

Dolphin therapy for autism has a positive effect, which is confirmed not only by numerous comments from parents of patients but also by testimonies from specialists. Many neurologists, child psychologists, defectologists, and pedagogues recommend this type of pathology correction.

Scientific observation about the effect of dolphin therapy has led to several important conclusions regarding the improvement of autistic children:

  • Establishing social interaction
  • Developing communication, attention, and memory skills
  • Awakening the child’s sincere interest in the outside world
  • Deepening cognitive skills
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Differentiating the child’s own feelings and emotional understanding of surrounding things
  • Reducing aggression and anxiety levels
  • Developing gross motor skills and improving the child’s muscle and skeletal condition
  • Enhancing spatial orientation and the child’s ability to control their body in space

Undoubtedly, dolphin therapy has a positive effect on the correction of childhood autism by eliminating some symptoms and normalising the child’s mental state. But dolphin therapy does not cure ASD, unlike the stem cell correction procedure.

Cell therapy is the most modern and effective treatment for childhood autism

The opportunity for a child to receive an autologous stem cell transplant is a privilege for many parents. Effective treatment of childhood autism spectrum disorder is possible only with the help of this technique, since it restores the correct structure of the brain. The symptoms automatically disappear, and the result will remain with a child for life if combined with other conservative approaches, such as swimming with dolphins and developmental exercises.

Contact the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, where your child will undergo an effective stem cell transplantation procedure and gain the most pronounced effects from additional dolphin therapy.

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