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Diet therapy for autism: does it work, and is there an alternative?

Classically, autism spectrum disorder is a lifelong diagnosis without effective treatment so far. But adherents of the “holistic” method of treating autism are more optimistic.

Theoretical basis of diet therapy in terms of naturopaths and nutritionists

Correct nutrition for children with autism is based on the statement that maintaining a certain balance of vitamins and microelements in the body by consuming certain foods and eliminating unwanted ones can significantly affect the disease. Advocates of the “holistic” approach believe that autism develops not only due to genetic factors but also due to accumulated toxins, improper digestion, pathogenic bacteria, and even intestinal parasites.

Practical basis of diet for children with autism

So, the diet for such diseases lies in a ban on the use of certain substances and foods that could negatively affect the biochemical processes in the body and aggravate the symptoms. These include:

  • Gluten, found in grains and foods made from them
  • Casein, found in dairy products
  • Products with aroma and taste enhancers
  • Sweeteners, including sugar
  • Products with preservatives
  • Soybeans
  • Yeast-containing dishes, etc.

The scientific basis of nutritional therapy for autism

Official medicine has no scientific or experimental data confirming a direct connection between diet and its effect on the pathogenesis of the disease. Numerous scientific experiments in this direction did not show a relationship between giving up certain foods and the improvement/deterioration of the patient’s well-being.

This is also confirmed by doctors and experienced teacher-therapists. They believe that if an autistic child has no significant allergy to casein/gluten, there is no point in completely removing foods containing them from the child’s diet.

But not everything is so joyless, because medicine does not stand still, and new methods are constantly appearing along with traditional ones. Today, many scientists and doctors recommend that their patients undergo a truly effective biological correction for autism.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia does not use diet therapy but effectively treats children with stem cell transplantation.

More and more patients are undergoing an innovative cellular correction procedure.

This is a fundamentally new approach to the treatment of children’s autism, widespread in developed countries around the world. The stem cell transplant procedure is innovative because it does not fight with symptoms like other treatments; it eliminates most of them by restoring the correct structure of the brain, the abnormalities of which are the cause of the pathology.

7 advantages of treating a child with autism spectrum disorder in Georgia:

  • Highly qualified specialists
  • More affordable prices than in other countries with a high level of medicine
  • Favourable territorial location of the country with simplified visa control
  • The clinic helps patients and accompanying persons resolve all the nuances regarding their arrival
  • No language barrier, comfortable conditions
  • Availability of our own cryobank and modern equipment
  • Effective rehabilitation programs with individual recommendations for maintaining the therapeutic effect

You can undergo effective correction of childhood autism soon — just submit an application online and receive a free consultation!

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