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Speech pathologists and cell therapy for autistic children – an effective combination in modern treatment protocol

The vast majority of children with autism spectrum disorder are diagnosed with speech disorders. The main dysfunctions include delayed speech development, echolalia (regular repeating of certain phrases or words), sound imitation disorder in small children, and lack of emotional expression in speech. For this reason, pediatric autism treatment should include sessions with a speech pathologist.

Mardaleishvili Medical Center is the leading clinic in Georgia, specializing in treating patients from all over the world.

Experienced specialists prepare personalized treatment protocols from our clinic. Along with conventional methods, innovative methods of biological correction are used. This is an effective addition to the classical method of working with patients using different specialists. Speech pathologists provide supportive treatment at the child’s place of residence.

The role of a speech pathologist in treating children with autism:

  • Establishing a trusting relationship with the patient that is necessary for successful work.
  • Individual selection of exercises to develop fine motor skills, improve articulation of sounds, form speech breathing, improve understanding of the speech of others, expand vocabulary, and develop the skill of clear and precise expression of thoughts, etc.
  • General development of communication skills to make the child’s speech clear, meaningful, structured, logical, and understandable.

Speech pathologists are experienced specialists who are attentive to the needs of a child and their parents, and select appropriate therapy. Only through such an individualized, thoughtful approach can significant results be achieved.

You can get acquainted with the specialists at the Mardaleishvili Medical Center, their methods of therapy, and patient reviews on the clinic’s official website.

The results of a speech pathologist’s work with a child with autism:

  • Activation of cognitive abilities
  • Memory improvement
  • Attention span sharpening
  • Speech function improvement

Speech pathologists provide combined sessions with children with ASD:

  • Diagnostic
  • Consulting
  • Developmental

Both individual and group therapy is used as interaction with other patients results in improved socialization. This helps children to feel confident and prepare for school. Parents can also take part in the program.

However, speech pathology is a conservative treatment that only deals with the symptoms of the disease.

Stem cell treatment for children with autism

This is a biological correction method used in countries with well-developed medical systems. It differs from classical methods, such as speech pathology, by its direct influence on the brain.

The cause of an ASD diagnosis lies in pathological differences in the brain. The patient’s own stem cells can significantly correct these differences. This is the effect of stem cell therapy.

Once brain structure is corrected, the cause of autism is partially eliminated. This means that classical treatment methods, combined with cell therapy, will be much more effective.

Treat your child’s autism spectrum disorder in Georgia – the maximized impact of treatment will positively change the patient’s condition and future.

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