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Computer Methods for Treating Autism


Various programs and techniques with increased effectiveness are the modern methods of treating autism. Medicine gives attention to technical advances. Thus, video games for autistic children are actively used today to correct ASD.

The Internet and gaming applications are harmful. This is the stereotypical thinking of many parents. Neurobiologists L. Chukoski and J. Townsend conducted a scientific study and found that games or educational programs specially designed for autistic people help them to struggle less with manifestations of the disease. They took two basic arcade games—Mole Whack and Pac-Man—and turned them into simulators for controlling the gaze and developing memory and attention.

Today, more and more programs for autistic children are appearing, and other scientists are also interested in their development because modern technologies help establish control over the pathology and develop the natural skills of patients. For example, the game Ninja Training is intended to strengthen body coordination and balance.

Benefits of video games for autists:

  1. Turning therapy into a game. Many modern methods of treatment for ASD are based on this approach and are highly successful.
  2. Receiving “return”. All patients who study with a computer program or play a game improve their skills every time.
  3. Consolidation of the result. At this stage, it is important to transfer the gained experience into real-life situations with a therapist. Parents can also do it; there are many free games for autists on the App Store and Google Play.

The most famous computer games for autists are:

  • Project: EVO
  • Let’s Face It!
  • Pac-Man
  • Mole Whack
  • Ninja Training
  • Shroom Digger

Most versions are developed in apk format for installation on a smartphone. But a computer is preferable to use because it helps a child maintain correct posture and visual distance between their eyes and the monitor.

Effectiveness of computer methods for treating autism

The majority of parents note that various programs and educational games significantly improve the well-being of a child and contribute to rapid learning. However, the method is not without its drawbacks — it can be addictive. Autistic children are focused on their inner world, and they can get stuck in the world of exciting virtual reality. Therefore, it is important to select the right programs; the list can be discussed with a therapist. But it is better to turn to the more effective achievements of modern medicine.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is a European clinic of advanced service where you can undergo a cell transplant procedure.

This procedure involves collecting stem cells from umbilical cord blood or bone marrow and injecting them into the spinal canal. This is the way to carry out a unique correction for childhood autism. It is worth emphasizing that its effect is impossible with other methods of treatment.

Positive effects of cellular treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder:

  • Renewal of the brain’s cellular components
  • Elimination of many manifestations of the disease
  • A significant contribution to the further personal development of active socialisation

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