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Cerebellar Stimulation for Autism


Cerebellar stimulation is a set of preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative measures aimed at activating the functions of the cerebellum and brain. A balancing board or an interactive platform, where a child stands and does various exciting tasks, is used during the lessons.

Indications for cerebellar stimulation in autism

This procedure relates to the neurocorrection of autism; it is prescribed to patients with ASD, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorder, as well as some other neuropsychic disorders (attention disorders, behaviour disorders, disrupted mental development, etc.). The procedure is also useful for the treatment of disorders of fine and gross motor skills, gait, coordination of movements, and functions of the vestibular apparatus.

Problems that cerebellar stimulation solves for autistic children

The cerebellum is a part of the brain that controls many actions in the body. Disruption of its functionality can cause the development of various diseases, including autism. Because sophisticated medical equipment is used for the procedure, performing cerebellar stimulation at home is not possible.

Based on interactive scanning of an autistic person’s health status, the equipment provides precise stimulation of the cerebellum and the areas that interact with it — the limbic system and the cerebral cortex. Such impact trains these zones, the brain, and the vestibular abilities of the body.

Exercises for cerebellar stimulation are simple and interesting, and children perceive them positively. The exercise program is individually selected. It is important to note that it also helps to improve the effectiveness of other correctional programs for ASD. The procedure is available in specialised centres and private clinics.

Advantages and results of cerebellar stimulation for autism

A session of procedures to stimulate the cerebellar zone of the brain has the following positive effects:

  • Academic grades become higher
  • New information processed by the brain is facilitated
  • Active socialisation takes place
  • Relationships between family members strengthen on an emotional level
  • The child’s mental state stabilises
  • Coordination of movements improves

All these enhancements help reduce the intensity of the disease’s symptoms and provide good indicators of the stimulation’s effectiveness. But they can be significantly improved if you undergo modern stem cell treatment for childhood autism spectrum disorder in Georgia.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre accepts patients from different countries around the world and carries out innovative cellular correction of ASD that is effective and affordable.

For several years, the procedure for correcting childhood autism has attracted the attention of scientists and parents of autistic children. The unique direct impact on the brain is not typical for other methods. Even cerebellar stimulation is just an indirect therapy. Only basic stem cells are able to infiltrate deep into the cells of the cerebellum, limbic system, and cerebral cortex and reconstruct pathological errors in them at the cellular level. Restoring the brain helps eliminate symptoms and treat pathology.

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