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Treatment of autism with cannabinoids: real benefit or harm?

Autism spectrum disorder is accompanied by various undesirable conditions, such as restlessness, anxiety, aggression, and various phobias. Medicines based on medical cannabis can act as powerful sedatives. In addition, they can also slightly relax a child and help them be more social.

Cannabinoid drugs are especially often prescribed to patients with serious conditions: rage, self-harm, panic, pronounced aggression, etc.

Functional explanation of the effectiveness of cannabinoid drugs for autism

The scientifically recognized relationship between brain development, the pathogenesis of autism, and the endocannabinoid system (the human body produces small quantities of cannabinoids) is one of the most important reasons why doctors prescribe cannabinoids to patients.

Some negative changes during fetal development can affect the development of the endocannabinoid system. Theoretically, this could provoke the origin of autism.

Scientists are not entirely sure exactly how this may influence the occurrence of autism spectrum disorder. However, disruption of the endocannabinoid system can cause anxiety and dysfunction that lead to ASD.

Clear benefit or hidden harm?

Cannabis is a plant containing THC and CBD resins, which are powerful chemicals that affect the human body. So, they help to:

  • Sedate
  • Induce a sense of appetite
  • Cheer up
  • Calm down
  • Activate memory and thinking

The full range of these resins’ effects on the body has not been studied. Therefore, there is a significant range of contraindications and side effects, including addiction. It is worth remembering that cannabinoid resins are narcotic substances. Drugs based on them are prescribed in extreme and severe cases — for severe pain, serious mental disorders, and people in the last stages of cancer. In other situations, such as autism, the rationality of treatment with cannabinoids is unfounded.

Important! Cannabis does not cure autism; it only corrects its symptoms. At the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre in Georgia, you will be able to undergo cellular correction, which eliminates the cause of the pathology!

Cutting-edge stem cell treatment for children’s autism spectrum disorder is a method that actually cures

This is not a bold statement about the pathology that is considered incurable today. The procedure of childhood autism correction with stem cells is effective, and its effectiveness has been confirmed scientifically and practically. It has been actively used for autism spectrum disorder treatment for a decade, and evidence-based medicine has already collected many examples of radical changes in pathogenesis.

There is nothing similar to cellular correction. This is the only method that can partially eliminate defects in the cellular structure of the brain that cause autism spectrum disorder. It is noteworthy that this procedure is absolutely safe, and almost every child can undergo it. More detailed information can be found on the clinic’s website.

You are literally one step away from undergoing effective cell therapy — sign up right now for the treatment of children’s autism at a Georgian clinic!

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