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The body-oriented approach to treating autism is an interesting activity to try with new therapeutic methods


Body-oriented treatment for autism is a collective name for various psychotherapeutic methods that use the body of a patient to eliminate behavioural abnormalities and develop positive types of behaviour. It is necessary because autism spectrum disorder impairs the coordination of sensory perception.

Corrective blocks of a body-oriented method for treating autism:

  • Interaction with body boundaries. This sensory treatment for autism involves the following methods: body massage, grounding exercises, “body contact,” etc. The purpose of these activities is to restore brain contact with the body, develop a sense of security, and deepen trust in the actions of the body. It is expected that a child will become less anxious when new people appear, will not avoid contact, and will be more prepared for an ever-changing reality.
  • Self-regulation. Body therapy for autism also aims to improve the body’s physical condition. Stretching, exercises for improving breathing, and relieving muscle tightness are performed for this purpose. The main goal is to normalise mental, energy, and muscle tone, reduce excitability, increase stress resistance, and eliminate fears.
  • Physical contact training. Body-oriented therapy for autistic children also aims to prepare them for various bodily contacts with people: handshakes, hugs, touches, etc. A child has to adequately react to them, be calm, normally perceive the presence of a loved one in their personal comfort zone, and be able to distinguish between friendly and unkind touching. Exercises are carried out both with people from a child’s close circle and with other participants in group treatment.

Practical experience in using body-oriented therapy for autism

Certainly, this approach to the treatment of autism spectrum disorder has a place in modern medicine since it really helps autistic children overcome the phobia of touching and bodily contact, making them more sociable and ready for unexpected events in the future. But the body-oriented technique for correcting ASD is not a cure, like many other conservative and psychological sessions and events. Therefore, it makes sense to undergo a stem cell transplant procedure.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is the world’s leading clinic where cell therapy is carried out at a high-quality level.

The promising treatment of autism in children with stem cells is a unique opportunity to have a therapeutic, rather than corrective, effect on the pathology. The patient’s own stem cells, synthesised from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood, reconstruct the brain by replacing pathological cells with anatomically correct ones. This is exactly how the therapeutic effect occurs, and it is simply impossible to overestimate the result. More details can be found on the official website of the clinic.

Get a correction for childhood autism in Georgia — use your chance to awaken the restorative capabilities of your child’s body!

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