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Blomberg Therapy for Autism


This method was developed by psychiatrist Harald Blomberg. He previously suffered from a disorder of motor functions that was a result of childhood polio. As an adult, he noticed that certain reflex rhythmic movements have a positive effect on the motor functions of the body and even improve brain function. Based on these observations, he developed a comprehensive, effective system of exercises, which is now used for the treatment of diseases such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, mental retardation, etc.

4 advantages of Blomberg therapy for ASD:

  1. It is an effective, simple method practised in many countries
  2. It has practically no contraindications, and children react positively to it
  3. Parents can compile a set of exercises and use them at home later
  4. It improves brain activity and reduces the characteristic symptoms of ASD

Blomberg therapy and autism

The primary reflexes of any person are designed to sense the body — how it moves, what it feels — and to transmit received information to the brain. If a person is autistic, this function does not work fully. Blomberg therapy is used to improve this connection through the integration of primitive reflexes and brain functions and to help a patient develop other skills and abilities.

Blomberg therapy relies on rhythmic and intense exercises that activate proprioceptors associated with the limbic system, cerebellum, and brain stem. These areas are responsible for the development of autism. A therapist stimulates the child’s cerebral hemispheres in a certain rhythm and maintains a specific range of movements using reflex movements.

Usually, the course lasts several months and can be repeated later.

Where is Blomberg therapy for autism practised?

This method of correcting ASD symptoms is practised in Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries by certified trainers in private clinics. This therapy is often accompanied by other methods of sensory integration and neurocorrection and can be included in a classic set of treatment protocols.

The effectiveness of Blomberg therapy for autism

The high effectiveness of this method of correcting ASD is not a myth. But it is different for each patient. It is very difficult to achieve noticeable results in cases of significant brain damage. Unfortunately, reflexes have an impact on the pathogenesis of the disease and the pathological structure of the brain but are not able to restore it. This requires deep cellular influence.

The Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the few clinics that effectively treats autists with their own stem cells.

This method directly affects the cellular structure of the brain. This correction of childhood autism is the most preferable since it eliminates the very cause of the pathology — genetic changes in the brain. Any popular method for treating childhood autism spectrum disorder needs to have such an effect. Its essence is based on the ability of the basic building cells of the human body to transform into any organ. So, these cells enter the brain, identify abnormal zones, and replace damaged elements in them with healthy analogues.

Postpone reflex treatment of childhood autism for the period of rehabilitation and undergo cellular correction first — you will achieve better results this way!

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