Mardaleishvili Medical Center Breakthrough Stem Cell transplantation for Autism Treatment
Reducing the symptoms of Autism drastically with a simple medical procedure
Using the most advanced equipment & modern facilities to ensure the health & happiness of the child & family

Innovative correction of childhood autism with stem cells is a procedure that changes the opinion about the effectiveness of treatment.

The term “Autism biomedicine” means the use of the human body’s own recreational abilities. This is a stem cell transplant procedure for cases of autism spectrum disorder. It has been actively used throughout the world over the last decade and has already proven its high efficiency in thousands of successfully implemented procedures.

The core of the method of autism’s biological correction

Classical medicine uses various methods of indirectly influencing the disease to correct this pathology. That means that they do not treat the pathology itself but only correct its symptoms.

So, in order to facilitate the process of the individual’s socialization, teach a child basic life skills, and awaken their interest in the world around them, the following types of therapy can be prescribed:

  • ABA
  • Developmental
  • Physiotherapeutical
  • Medicinal
  • Occupational
  • Game
  • Behavioural
  • Visual, and so on

With these procedures, it is impossible to change the abnormal structure of the brain, which is the reason for the progress of pathogenesis with serious disorders that impede the normal development of the individual. Stem cell transplantation makes it possible to directly influence the cellular structure of the brain and correct “errors”.

Features of the cell transplantation procedure

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of the human body, which “construct” every organ during embryonic development. Upon being introduced into the body of an already-born child, they will independently identify defects and correct them.

This is exactly how this method works. After introduction by a doctor, these cells reach the brain and replace its pathological cells with healthy counterparts, which leads to partial treatment of autism.

Stem cells are needed for this procedure. They can be obtained from a patient’s umbilical cord blood, stored at the time of birth, or from the patient’s own bone marrow in the absence of umbilical cord blood.

You can learn more about the procedure on the clinic’s website or by contacting medical consultants using the feedback form.

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre is one of the leading clinics in Eurasia, providing effective treatment for autism.

Advantages of treating children’s autism in Georgia

The centre is one of the few specifically specialising in stem cell transplantation for the treatment of autism. This is the main focus of the clinic’s activity, and therefore, it has everything necessary to provide the therapy at the highest level of quality:

  • Qualified doctors with successful work experience
  • Centre-owned cryobank
  • Modern equipment for visual monitoring of surgical operations and for laboratory manipulations
  • Comfortable rooms for children and accompanying persons
  • Centre-organised assistance provided to patients from abroad
  • Effective rehabilitation programs

The goal of each clinic doctor is to provide high-quality treatment in order to stop the pathogenesis of the disease as much as possible for a particular patient. After undergoing cell therapy, almost all children can study in a regular school and develop similarly to their peers.

Get treatment for autism spectrum disorder in Georgia — you will achieve the maximum possible therapeutic effect for your child and will be able to secure them a decent future!

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